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    I Rewatched The Third Season Of "Game Of Thrones" And I'm Not OK

    Why am I doing this to myself?

    Previously: I rewatched Season 1 and Season 2.

    Episode 1: "Valar Dohaeris"

    1. Oh god I’m not ready for this season. It’s one of my faves but it’s gonna be SO PAINFUL.

    2. Oooh, a rare cold open. And it’s that dawn shot from Bran’s vision in Season 6, followed by Sam running from the White Walkers. ~Significant~.

    3. Yaaass Ghost to the rescue! Gonna say it every time: WE NEED MORE GHOST ON SCREEN. (But only if he doesn’t die OK.)

    4. “Before Winter’s done, everyone you’ve ever known will be dead.” Ominous.

    5. That shot of Winterfell burning in the opening credits hurts so much.

    6. Ah, the first time Jon saw a giant. Totally different from the last time he saw one. I’m still not over it.

    7. First shot of Tormund! Of course he’s eating. And I love how disinterested he is in Jon rn. 

    8. Lololol @ Jon kneeling for Tormund because he thinks he’s the King Beyond the Wall.

    9. “I think what you want most of all is to be a hero.” Mance has already nailed Jon.

    10. “I’m not afraid of you, little brother.” Hmmm, are you sure about that, Cersei?

    11. “They said you’d lost your nose, but it’s not as gruesome as all that.” Nice nod to the books and the fact they changed Tyrion’s fate on screen.

    12. Bronn is now a knight! And what a knight he is. 

    13. Accusing Ser Meryn Trant of being better at beating little girls than fighting men. BRONN KNEW.

    14. “This war is not over.” You can say that again, Davos.

    15. Stannis is already burning men alive. I don’t really get why people thought it was SO out of character for him to sacrifice Shireen. Everything he did built up to that. 

    16. Davos was so bent on stopping Melisandre. Oh, the irony.

    17. I forgot Robb found Qyburn at Harrenhal.

    18. Tywin’s rocking that black outfit that Cersei will later emulate. 

    19. “You brought a whore into my bed.” Tywin is such a goddamn hypocrite. 

    20. Tyrion is asking for Casterly Rock. And in Season 7, it looks like he’s finally gonna get it.

    21. I love fan theories, but I don’t really buy the one that Tyrion is a secret Targaryen. I think when Tywin says “since I can’t prove that you’re not mine”, he’s just being an arsehole. 

    22. The Rains of Castamere is playing. TRIGGERED.

    23. “The next whore I catch in your bed, I’ll hang.” Ooft. That hurts, knowing that Tyrion is the one who strangles Shae after finding her in Tywin’s bed. 

    24. Oh sweet Sansa, still playing make-believe. 
And she’s excited to hear Arya is alive. PLEASE let them reunite this season.

You keep your filthy hands off her Littlefinger, you treacherous bastard.

    26. “We’ve both done rather well, you and I. Given where we started.” Yeah but Ros, just wait ‘til you see where you and Shae end. You don’t do so well after all, unfortunately.  

    27. Dany is saying she doesn’t want to wait for her dragons to fully grow before invading Westeros. Meanwhile she took so long, they’re now fuck off-huge.

    28. “You’ll have a true khalasar when you prove yourself strong.” Just you wait. 

    29. I love how Melisandre blames Stannis’ failure at Blackwater on the fact she wasn’t there. She is so firm in her faith in herself. It makes her loss of that faith in Season 6 all the more striking. 

    30. Margaery, the people’s princess of Westeros. 

    31. Cersei’s subtle twisting of the fork as Margaery speaks is everything.

    32. This blue outfit Dany is wearing is probably her most iconic next to her Dothraki outfit.

    33. Missandei, my queen!

    34. “Tell the old man he smells of piss.” Because of this line, every time Jorah is on screen, I can’t help but think he probably stinks. Although, to be fair, there’s a good chance they all stink. 

    35. Eeeeeeek this nipple cutting scene makes me squirm. I can’t wait to watch Daenerys torch this areshole slaveowner.


    37. Wait so the warlocks of Qarth are still going after Dany here, but this gets totally dropped. Do they just... give up?!

    38. This is a very emotional moment with Dany getting her first queensguard. Meanwhile Jorah is upset that he has another old dude vying for her attention.

    Episode 2: "Dark Wings, Dark Words"

    39. This mini Stark reunion in Bran’s dream is making me cry. Goddammit. 

    40. SUMMER. RICKON. SHAGGYDOG. HODOR. OSHA. Oh fuck, all of Bran's scenes are gonna be brutal this season, because literally everyone around him is now dead.

    41. Fuck off, Roose Bolton. 

    42. Ahhhh I love these Jaime and Brienne scenes so much. 

    43. Interesting how Cersei is wearing more and more armour.

    44. “Littlefinger’s not in love with me.” Oh Sansa. Sweet summer child. 

    45. I’m so sad Sansa and Margaery never got to see each other again before she died. 
I love their relationship.

    46. Lady Olenna, MY QUEEN. (Yes, I have a lot of queens, OK?) I hope we get some good scenes with her in Season 7. She deserves some vengeance.

    47. Yes, give Sansa lemon cakes! All the lemon cakes in the world! 

    48. “The cheese will be served when I want it served. And I want it served now.” Goals. 

    49. GREY WIND. There are so many direwolves in this episode. They really set our expectations too high only to give us basically NOTHING later on. 

    50. I love this scene with Catelyn and Talisa, especially the way it fleshes out Cat’s history with Jon. If only Cat could have loved poor little Jon. IF ONLY SHE’D LEARNED THE TRUTH. It hurts my heart that she will never know in the show - unless they do Lady Stoneheart after all, which at this stage looks extremely unlikely.

    51. Jon Snow is so beautiful. I know that’s not very insightful, but hey, it’s what I’m thinking. 

    52. OK, I get the Night’s Watch fought the wights, but there were White Walkers in that horde. HOW DID THEY ACTUAlLY GET AWAY? 

    53. Jojen! MEERA! She better survive this shit. I love her.

    54. GENDRYYYYY. I love how he teases Arya. 

    55. Why is Thoros singing the Rains of Castamere? FUCKING TRIGGERED. 

    56. Joffrey with a crossbow is so terrifying. Margaery is a master at manipulating him though. 

    57. Wait, is that the boar’s head that killed Robert?

    58. Oh fuck, I can’t watch these Theon torture scenes. FUCK YOU RAMSAY. 

    59. Bran got hit with the puberty stick two seconds after leaving Winterfell. 

    60. Arya was so close to getting away and then the Hound showed up. Boy, if you weren’t on her list already, you would be now. 

    61. Jaime trying to piss Brienne off, and bitching about his foot corns to distract her so he can steal her sword, is my favourite kind of Jaime. 

    62. It’s kind of jarring to see him with two hands at this point tbh.

    63. They’re fighting! I kind of want to see these two fight again before the series is over. Or fight side by side. I honestly don’t know what I want more. Especially now they have twin swords. Either way, it would be so amazing. 

    64. Fucking Boltons.

    Episode 3: "Walk of Punishment"

    65. I love the Blackfish. I do not love Edmure. 

    66. This is all getting too close to the Red Wedding. I am very uncomfortable. 

    67. This musical chairs pissing competition at the small council always cracks me up.

    68. Quick succession of scenes that absolutely give me life: Cersei’s iconic eyeroll; Brienne’s pure, perfect contempt for Jaime; Arya standing up to the Hound; Hot Pie giving Arya the wolf bread and saying goodbye to her and Gendry.

    69. Oh look, it’s bb Tommen before he was Tommen. 

    70. “Always the artists.” I hope we find out more about the White Walker’s artistic inclinations. 

    71. Uggggh I hate Karl Tanner, the guy who leads the mutiny against Jeor later. Creepy prick.

    72. “First there must be sacrifices. The Lord of Light demands it.”  No offense, but the Lord of Light sounds like a bit of a dick. 

    73. This scene where Barristan tells Dany about Rhaegar fills my heart with such joy. I am complete R+L=J trash. 

    74. I also love Dany’s line: “He was not the last dragon.” INDEED. 

    75. That death stare she gives the men who dare to question her is perfect.

    76. Ah, the scene where Big Dick Pod became, well, Big Dick Pod. What DID he do to them, though? Asking for a friend. 

    77. Theon was so close to freedom, but so far. It hurts so much. 

    78. Meanwhile Ramsay murders four of his own men for shits and giggles.

    79. Jaime saving Brienne makes me so emotional.

    80. He’s so cocky, believing money solves everything. Oh, what a lesson he’s about to get. 

    81. That shot of his hand being chopped off is shocking every single time.

    Episode 4: "And Now His Watch Has Ended"

    82. Aaaand that dead hand around Jaime’s neck is brutal. 

    83. This scene is some high school bully bullshit. 

    84. I love Brienne running in to fight for him, bound and all. 

    85. That shot of Jaime lying in the mud, caked in filth, with his dead hand next to his head, is so horrific but also kind of amazing. 

    86. “I heard a voice answer his call… I dream of the voice from the flames.” I really, really want to know what Varys heard. 

    87. These shots of Bran climbing and falling in his dream, which directly mirror what happened to him in Season 1, are hurting my heart. Not as bad as seeing Catelyn appear in front of him, though.

    88. OK, I am so much more into Bran’s story this time around? It was always my least fave part, but now I’m into it. Maybe it’s the fact he’s actually interacting with his family, when I know he won’t see them again. Or maybe I’m feeling more genial because of that Tower of Joy scene in Season 6.

    89. Margaery walking through the Sept of Baelor is making me feel sick. GET OUT OF THERE MARGAERY. STAY AWAY FOREVER.

    90. Margaery did the best PR for Joffrey. She really is a miracle worker. 

    91. That eye twitch from Cersei, though. She hates how she doesn’t have control. And also that Margaery has been able to achieve what she never has. She’s already more powerful, where Joffrey is concerned. 


    93. “My real father lost his head at King’s Landing. I made a choice, and I chose wrong.” I AM NOT OK. But kudos to Alfie Allen. What an amazing scene. What an amazing, painful scene.

    94. And the fucking reveal! What a punch to the gut. I hope Theon gets a happy ending at the end of all this. Some kind of peace, at least. Although the trailer for Season 7 has me very worried.

    95. Brienne is delivering some tough love to Jaime. God, I love these two. 

    96. Cersei was right about her being the only one who would continue Tywin’s legacy. Right down to his clothes. 

    97. Olenna’s scenes are glorious. She has no time for anyone’s bullshit.

    98. “He would see this country burn, if he could be king of the ashes.” OK, we definitely need to see Varys and Littlefinger go head to head before this thing is over. 

    99. Sansa is so starved of kindness. Look at her face! She still just wants to marry Loras and have Margaery as her sister. Oh, how I wish she’d gotten what she wanted.

    100. Wait, Craster had 99 sons?!  AND ALL OF THEM BECAME WHITE WALKERS??!?!?!

    101. I’m not sad to see Craster go, but I don’t like this Tanner guy either.


    103. So two Lord Commanders in a row were betrayed and stabbed by their own men. 


    105. The Hound is calling the Brotherhood out for deserting their posts and running away, and that’s literally what he did. 

    106. This scene where Dany pulls her bait-and-switch and goes all “dracarys” on the masters is one of my faves in the whole damn show. 

    107. YAAAAAAASS.

    108. The whip drop is the new mic drop. 

    109. OK so Dany got 8,000 Unsullied here. How many does she have left now?

    Episode 5: "Kissed by Fire"

    110. So Thoros uses blood magic to light Beric’s sword, but it doesn’t look like that’s what happens in the Season 7 trailer. Is that just a plot inconsistency, or does it mean something?

    111. This is actually the Hound’s worst nightmare. 

    112. Gendry holding Arya back is giving me so many FEELINGS. 

    113. Thoros revived Beric so easily. Like it was nothing. I wonder what greater purpose Beric serves.

    114. “You know nothing Jon Sno-ooooh”. Iconic.

    115. I love that Jon’s first instinct with sex was to go down on his lady. I mean, that just shows what a true hero he is. 

    116. “How long has it been since you had a bath?” Oh god, they really would all stink. Suddenly those scenes are a bit less sexy. 

    117. Listen to her, Jon. Stay in the cave. Stay in there with her forever.

    118. “The Lord of Light isn’t done with you yet.” I can’t wait to see the Hound fuck shit up with the Brotherhood in Season 7.

    119. Roose, you cruel bastard. 

    120. I picked the wrong time to be eating. That close-up of Jaime’s wound is disgusting. 


    122. “I can be your family.” “You wouldn’t be my family. You’d be m’lady.” Excuse me while I go cry in a hole. 

    123. RIP bb Tommen-before-he-was Tommen. Fucking Karstarks.

    124. Robb, don’t do this. Listen to your mother! The Karstarks will NOT forgive you!

    125. “Kill me and be cursed. You are no king of mine.” Goddammit, Robb. 

    126. “Could you bring back a man without a head. Not six times. Just once.” Arya, you’re breaking my heart. 

    127. First appearance of Selyse! I hate her. 

    128. I wonder if Dany will discover all those fetuses at Dragonstone and be like, WTF?

    129. Oh sweet Shireen. Precious baby. I am crying already.

    130. I love this bath scene with Brienne and Jaime. The development of Jaime’s character is *Italian chef kiss*. 

    131. Meanwhile Jaime talking about all the wildfire beneath the Sept of Baelor is fucking me up. 

    132. Ned judged Jaime so harshly for choosing his family over his duty, and then went ahead and did the same thing himself. I love him, but he was not perfect. 

    133. “He meant to burn with the rest of us and rise again, reborn as a dragon to turn his enemies to ash.” Dany really takes after her dad, hey. It’s rather worrying. 

    134. Shireen is teaching Davos to read. My heart can’t take it. This episode is tearing me apart.

    135. “Just once in my life, before it’s over, I want to know what it’s like to serve with pride. To fight for someone I believe in.” Well, at least Barristan got that.

    136. GREY WORM, YAS.

    137. I see you Jorah, trying to suss out how much Barristan knows about your betrayal. 

    138. The Karstarks abandoned Robb here. It’s no wonder they sided with Ramsay later.

    139. Soooo shouldn’t Loras still be grieving Renly at this point? They don’t really develop that enough imo. 

    140. I love how Sansa’s hair tells a story. She’s wearing it like Margaery here. In Season 6, she returned to her northern roots. And in Season 7… she’s wearing a terrible wig. 

    141. The amount of hope Sansa has here really hurts.

    142. So Tywin is already plotting the Red Wedding at this point, yes? Look how confident he is, talking about how Robb’s days are numbered.

    143. I love how smug Cersei is, only for Tywin to totally pull the rug out from beneath her.

    Episode 6: "The Climb"

    144. Jojen’s vision of Jon being on the wrong side of the wall, and surrounded by enemies, could apply to his situation here, but it could also be foreshadowing what’s going to happen in Season 7. There’s that intense shot in the trailer of Jon being surrounded by the wights. Eek. 

    145. Ygritte making fun of Jon gives me so much life. Also the way she says, “you’re a proper lover, Jon Snow."

    146. And “I’m your woman now, Jon Snow. You’re going to be loyal to your woman.” Because HE WAS YGRITTE. In his own way. 

    147. Melisandre, take notes from Thoros. You’ll need this later, trust me. 

    148. It breaks my heart that Gendry joined the Brotherhood so he wouldn't be sold anymore, and that’s exactly what they did to him the first chance they got. 

    149. “We will meet again,” Melisandre promises Arya. I CAN’T WAIT. 

    150. Noooooo Gendry and Arya have been separated. THEY BETTER REUNITE I S2G. 

    151. This Wall climb looks so scary. 

    152. RAMSAY AND HIS FUCKING TRUMPET. I cannot watch these scenes.

    153. “If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.” @ me next time, Ramsay. 

    154. Theon, isn’t Ramsay’s identity kind of obvious? HIS SIGIL IS THE FLAYED MAN.  

    155. Edmure is the worst. 

    156. How did everything go so wrong for Robb, so quickly? Classic GRRM, give him the heroes arc, let him win all the battles, then unravel it all. 

    157. Brienne helping Jaime cut his dinner is very important to me. And so is Jaime resting his hand on Brienne’s to stop her picking up that knife.

    158. Roose is already playing both sides. WE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN. 

    159. Olenna challenging Tywin’s homophobia and throwing the twincest thing back in his face is so damn good. I kind of ship them?  

    160. Orell is a prick. Like, I know they’re gonna be OK after this climb, but it’s still so stressful. 

    161. “I’m very happy… I feel like I’m in a dream.” Oh my bb Sansa. I mean, she probably wouldn’t have been happy with Loras anyway. But it would have been a damn sight better than Ramsay. 

    162. Sansa actually thinking she can invite her family to the wedding shows how truly naive she still is. 

    163. This is such an awkward situation for Tyrion. I’m cringing. 

    164. LMAO @ Littlefinger just sitting there staring at the throne. 

    165. “Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder.” Iconic.


    167. Poor Sansa. My crying queen.

    168. This is such a beautiful scene between Ygritte and Jon. I’m so glad we got a few happy moments in all this mess.

    Episode 7: "The Bear and the Maiden Fair"

    169. “People are loyal when it suits them and kill when it suits them.” Too bloody true. 

    170. Damn I wanna run my hands through Robb’s hair like that. 

    171. Oh heeeeyy, Robb’s butt. 

    172. Sorry, I’m getting distracted.

    173. “Will you come with me one day to Volantis?” “I will, I promise.” Robb’s nickname should be Oathbreaker.. 

    174. I’m crying at them talking about the little Stark in Talisa’s belly. 

    175. And now I’m laughing at Tormund schooling Jon on sex. Apparently, he doesn’t need an education. 

    176. Tormund sounds like he knows what he’s doing though. Brienne, get on that.

    177. And now Margaery is trying to school Sansa on sex. This is hilarious. 

    178. “You waste time trying to get people to love you, you’ll end up the most popular dead man in town.” Great advice from Bronn. 

    179. Tywin looming over Joffrey is so good. That angle from above is PERFECT.

    180. Poor Missandei, having to recite Dany’s titles over and over again. 

    181. This was an important part of Dany’s storyline. But also I feel like this is the last time I enjoyed her plot for a good two seasons. 

    182. Shae getting so pissed off at Tyrion for having to marry Sansa is kinda ridiculous. It’s not like he wants to do it. Although he doesn’t want to leave King’s Landing, either - I get her being angry at that.

    183. Ooft that shot of the shipwrecks in Blackwater Bay. 

    184. How does Gendry not realise by now he was more than just some Fleabottom bastard?

    185. Death is Arya’s only god. She’s ready for Braavos already. 

    186. Aaaand the Hound and Arya’s excellent adventures begin. 

    187. “Goodbye Ser Jaime.” MY EMOTIONS. 

    188. “The Lannisters send their regards.” TRIGGERED. 

    189. Oh no. Fuck off Miranda. Stay away from Theon! Oh no. Oh no no no no no. I can’t watch. I feel sick. 

    190. Cutting to Jon and Ygritte is so jarring after that scene, but also I needed something a bit lighter. And it’s a nice demonstration of Ygritte’s bow skills, which will be significant later. 

    191. I really love this windmill interaction. This goddamn show takes me from wanting to vomit, to grinning like a fool, in a matter of minutes.

    192. “How many lives have you saved?” “Half a million… the population of King’s Landing.” See, this is such an important part of Jaime’s character. How can he still be siding with Cersei after she unleashed wildfire? 

    193. Jaime riding back to save Brienne at Harrenhal is one of his best moments. 

    194. Meanwhile Brienne, my queen, is actually fighting a bear with a wooden sword like a boss.


    Episode 8: "Second Sons"

    196. I love the Hound and Arya’s dynamic. 

    197. Hello, Daario 1.0! Sorry mate, but I prefer Daario 2.0.

    198. Dany has no time for this guy’s sexist bullshit.


    200. What a warm welcome from Uncle Stannis.

    201. “You’re not a man who slaughters innocents for gain or glory.” JUST YOU WAIT, DAVOS. (SOB.) 

    202. Stannis wanted Davos to stop him from sacrificing Gendry. If only he’d been there to stop him with Shireen. 

    203. Tyrion was so kind to Sansa. One of the few men in her life who was. 

    204. This Rains of Castamere conversation between Cersei and Margaery is masterful. But also TRIGGERING. 
Especially because it’s taking place in the Sept, where Cersei will wipe out the Tyrells just as her father wiped out the Reynes. DOUBLY TRIGGERED.

    205. Joffrey is enjoying this way too much. 

    206. No Gendry, don’t do it, don’t fall for her. 

    207. If he ever rows back into the plot, it sure will be interesting to see how he reacts to Melisandre and the Brotherhood. 

    208. This leech scene makes me so uncomfortable uggggh.

    209. Another perfect Olenna Tyrell scene, pointing out the fucked up family dynamics thanks to the arranged marriages with the Lannisters. She’s so funny. 

    210. Cersei trying to protect Sansa from Joffrey’s taunts almost warms my heart.

    211. “I am the god of tits and wine.” Iconic. 

    212. Tyrion. Your threats are amazing but you need to stop. This won’t end well for you. (Although, in the long run, it ended pretty well I suppose.)

    213. “If my father wants someone to get fucked, I know where he can start.” Saving that line for future fights.

    214. Bless Tyrion for giving Sansa space on their wedding night. I’m still mad about what Ramsay did to her. Still REALLY mad. 

    215. Sam holding his ground and fighting this White Walker - and actually running towards danger - is such great character development.

    Episode 9: "The Rains of Castamere"

    216. Fuck. I’m not ready for this. I’m not ready. 

    217. Of course the episode opens on Cat and Robb. MY HEART.


    219. Walder Frey, you fuckface. 

    220. Ser Jorah is so threatened by Daario. Sorry mate, you didn’t have a chance anyway. 

    221. “You’re like, a wizard.” Sam’s actual dreams coming true. 

    222. I like the similarity between Jon and Arya in these scenes - both of them refusing to kill innocent men. 

    223. Ahhhhhhhh Arya came so close to seeing Robb and Catelyn again. Goddamnit. 

    224. Oh fucking hell. Hodor’s fear of the thunder and Bran warging into him is MESSING ME UP. TOO SOON. 

    225. Ahhhhhhhh Jon came so close to seeing Bran and Rickon again. 

    226. This goddamn episode. 

    227. “You’re not gonna die for one of them.” Imagine if Tormund dies for Jon after saying that to Ygritte. 

    228. “You were right the whole time.” I love vindictive Jon.


    230. Oh no. Oh no no no no no. I’m not ready for the wedding. 

    231. That look between Cat and Edmure breaks my heart.

    232. “The Umbers are our bannermen. They’ll protect you.” NO THEY WON’T, FUCKING UMBERS.

    233. “I’m your brother. I have to protect you.” Ooooh bb Rickon. SOB. 

    234. “Keep this one safe. He means the world to me.” OSHA. YOU DESERVED BETTER. 


    236. If you pause here, you can actually pinpoint the second Jorah’s heart rips in half. 

    237. Oh no. Back to the wedding. Oh no no no no. 

    238. “Perhaps I’ve made a terrible mistake.” Robb you’re joking, but you really did. 

    239. Fucking Edmure, look how much he’s enjoying this. 

    240. Of course Ned forbade the bedding ceremony with Catelyn. 
But that laugh from Roose hurts. He knows what’s coming. Ugh.

    241. This scene with Robb and Talisa discussing naming their baby Ned has officially done me in.

    242. Catelyn knows something is up. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck. Why am I doing this to myself again?


    244. Grey Wind is whining. Arya is arriving. This is just. Too much.

    245. I can’t. I can’t do this. I can’t watch this.

    246. And yet here I am, watching it, with a look of horror frozen on my face. 
I swear it gets worse, not better, with each viewing. 

    247. If anyone needs me, I’ll just be over here in the fetal position, sobbing my guts out.

    Episode 10: "Mhysa"

    248. I’m still not OK. 

    249. Oh this episode continues straight on from the Red Wedding. Have we not suffered enough?!

    250. I feel ill. 

    251. Sansa’s “sheep shift” story is yet another example of how innocent and naive she still is. SOMEONE JUST GIVE HER MORE LEMON CAKE.

    252. Tyrion delivering yet another amazing threat he’ll come to regret. 

    253. I love Tywin sending Joffrey off to take a nap. 

    254. I don’t love how cruel Tywin is to Tyrion. 

    255. Sansa is heartbroken. Same, Sansa. Same. 

    256. “Don’t, Hodor.” Shut up, Bran. He can Hodor down the well if he wants to. 

    257. This rat cook story connecting with what the Freys have just done, and foreshadowing what Arya will later do, is so damn good. 

    258. And it cuts straight to a scene of Walder Frey eating! THIS GODDAMN SHOW. 

    259. This sausage scene with Ramsay is both horrific and kinda funny, which makes it even more horrific.

    260. Knowing Ramsay’s ultimate fate makes these scenes slightly more endurable. Only slightly. 

    261. “There’s nothing north but death.” You shoulda listened to Gilly, Bran.

    262. Yara going to rescue Theon is so good, although the triumph is dampened slightly when you know she wasn’t exactly successful. 

    263. Seeing Sam and Bran exchanging knowledge here makes me excited that they might do it again in Season 7 (*cough*R+L=J*cough*). 

    264. There goes Bran, heading north of the Wall, where he’ll be for the next three seasons. 

    265. I love Gendry and Davos bonding over their lowborn childhoods. My faves.

    266. If only Shae had listened to Varys, and not assumed Tyrion was sending her away. 

    267. Cersei talking about how her children are the only thing keeping her alive is verrrrry interesting, considering they’re all now dead. 

    268. Yesssss, I am so here for Arya’s early revenge against these Frey men. It’s brutal but so damn good. 

    269. This scene between Ygritte and Jon is tearing the remaining pieces of my heart apart.

    270. I remember the first time I watched this, I was so worried about Jon’s survival. IF ONLY I KNEW. 

    271. Davos reading this scroll from the Night’s Watch about the White Walker threat is giving me goosebumps. He was the first person who took it seriously. It’s so satisfying that he’s now by Jon’s side. 

    272. That’s an amazing shot of Mel and Davos looking over each of Stannis’ shoulders. It mirrors the Season 1 shot of Cat and Maester Luwin over Ned’s shoulders beautifully. 

    273. And off Gendry rows, out of the plot for at least three more seasons. I know I’ve said it already but HE BETTER RETURN FOR SEASON 7.
 And stay alive, please.

    274. After everything he’s been through, Jaime's finally home. And all Cersei can do is stare at his stump. 

    275. “People learn to love their chains.” Dany is speaking from experience. 

    276. This Mhysa scene makes me so, so uncomfortable. 

    277. Another season done and dusted. That was emotionally draining. Next up: Season 4, complete with Oberyn Martell, and my heart being stomped on all over again.