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    I Rewatched "Game Of Thrones" Season 1, Episode 9 And Oh God It Hurt



    1. Y’all. I’m not ready for this. I’M NOT READY.

    2. That opening close-up on Ned’s eye is so good though.

    3. Varys saying he wants peace when we know for a fact he helped stir all this shit up is a good reminder he can’t reaaaally be trusted.

    4. “I grew up with soldiers. I learned how to die a long time ago.” Oh, Ned.

    5. He’s so ready to die to preserve his honour and then Varys throws the girls’ lives in his face.

    6. Family is the one thing more important to Ned Stark than honour.

    7. *cough* Jon Snow *cough*.

    8. “I have known Lord Walder since I was a girl. He would never harm me.” “Unless there was a profit in it.” Too real.

    9. Walder Frey is such a creep.

    10. Ahhh Jeor giving Jon Longclaw is making me emotional.


    11. There has to be some significance in the fact that Jon has a Mormont sword, used a Mormont shield to take down Ramsay and was declared King in the North by a Mormont (who is ALSO named after his mother). PLUS Dany’s most faithful companion/champion is Jorah Mormont.

    12. Those Mormonts. Gods love ‘em.

    13. Oh what? I totally missed the fact Jeor sent Thorne to King’s Landing with the dead man’s hand to lay at the feet of Joffrey.

    14. I wonder if he completed that mission, I don’t think we ever saw it on screen? I wish we had, that would have been amazing.

    15. JON SNOW IS SMILING. He loves a big sword.

    16. And showing it off to a bunch of guys chanting, “Sword! Sword! Sword!”

    17. Aaaand then he finds out Robb is marching to war and there goes his smile.

    18. Meanwhile Robb is making the deal he will later ignore and thus condemn himself and everyone around him to death.

    19. Nice one, Robb.

    20. “If the day should ever come when your lord father was forced to choose between honour on the one hand, and those he loves on the other, what would he do?” Well, Maester Aemon, that day is here and I can tell you Ned will choose love. Just as he did when he held Jon Snow in his arms for the first time.

    21. “I may be a bastard, but he is my father and Robb is my brother!” And Aemon is your great great uncle, Jon.


    22. Uh oh, Drogo is not looking too good.

    23. He fell off his horse, nooooooo.

    24. I mean, I’ve seen this all before, but it still hurts.

    25. Oh, Shae has entered the building (tent). Damn, I forgot about this storyline for a second. Another that won't end well!

    26. “He’s very strong. No one understands how strong he is!” Dany’s grief is so heartbreaking.

    27. No Dany, don’t do it. Don’t trust this witch.

    28. Poor horse. :(

    29. I never understood if the baby was always going to die because of Mirri’s spell, or if it was Jorah carrying Dany into the tent that caused the baby’s death?

    30. Poor Dany. :(

    31. It didn’t take Shae long to start calling Tyrion “my lion”.

    32. Tyrion loves his drinking games.

    33. The story of Tysha has to be one of the most horrific on this show, and that’s saying something.

    34. I wonder if Tyrion will ever find her again.

    35. I love that they clearly didn’t have the budget to show a battle so they knock Tyrion out for most of it and had it take place off screen.

    36. And then they just show Robb triumphantly riding through the tress – they didn’t even show him going into battle.


    37. He does look glorious though.


    39. Good job, young wolf.

    40. It’s pretty brutal that he just sacrificed 2000 men, on the other hand.

    41. Arya snapping a pigeon’s neck moments before her father gets a blade through his is just plain rude.

    42. I’m not ready I’m not ready I’m not ready I’m not ready I’m not ready…

    43. Man, watching Ned confess to treason just to save his girls HURTS SO FUCKING MUCH.

    44. Especially knowing it's all for nothing.

    45. I wonder if even Cersei didn’t realise until this moment just how much of a monster Joffrey was.

    46. I CAN’T LOOK.

    47. I CAN’T.

    48. I’M NOT OK.


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