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    I Read Stephenie Meyer's "Midnight Sun" So You Don't Have To

    Edward Cullen has way, way too many thoughts.

    Are you curious about Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer but can't be bothered to read it yourself? Or perhaps you've read it and want a fellow reader's rundown? Well, you've come to the right place.

    Cover of Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer

    I recently read Midnight Sun, and it was a real ride. For context, yes, I was obsessed with Twilight in the heady days of the late 2000s and early 2010s.

    Woman wearing a replica Bella Swan engagement ring, posing with cardboard cutout Edward Cullen

    It's fair to say that my obsession never fully went away, it merely lay dormant, like Jacob's werewolf genes. And like Jacob's werewolf genes, it fully came alive again when Edward reappeared thanks to Meyer's announcement that she was finally releasing Midnight Sun.

    I ran out and got Midnight Sun as soon as it was released, and the first thing I noticed's freaking thick.

    Edward is such a guy, taking twice as long to tell the same damn story like his experience matters more

    My copy clocks in at 756 pages.

    Why does it need to be so long, you ask? The short answer is: It really doesn't. It was at least 300, maybe even 400, pages too long. In an attempt to make this recap more manageable and not like a novel in itself, I'll break it down by chapter. Strap in!

    Chapter 1: First Sight

    Still from Twilight: Edward Cullen holding his hand to his nose

    Chapter 2: Open Book

    Still from Twilight: Edward Cullen smiling while looking down

    Chapter 4: Risk

    Still from Twilight: Edward saves Bella form an oncoming vehicle

    Chapter 4: Visions

    Still of Alice Cullen in Twilight

    Chapter 5: Invitations

    Still from Twilight: Edward standing in Bella's bedroom at nighttime

    Chapter Six: Blood Type

    Still from Twilight: close-up of Edward Cullen in the school cafeteria

    Chapter 7: Melody, and Chapter 8: Ghost

    Still from Twilight: Edward's hands playing the piano

    Chapter 9: Port Angeles

    Still from Twilight: Bella and Edward sitting together at a table in a restuarant

    Chapter 10: Theory, Chapter 11: Interrogations, and Chapter 12: Complications

    Still from Twilight: Edward standing behind Bella, who is looking concerned

    Chapter 13: Another Complication

    Still from Twilight: Edward and Bella arrive at school together

    Chapter 14: Closer, Chapter 15: Probability, and Chapter 16: The Knot

    Still from Twilight: Edward and Bella lie side by side in a meadow

    Chapter 17: Confessions, and Chapter 18: Mind Over Matter

    Still from Twilight: Edward looking sad, his skin sparkling in the sun

    Chapter 19: Home, Chapter 20: Carlisle, Chapter 21: The Game, and Chapter 22: The Hunt

    Still from Twilight: Rosalie holds up a baseball bat while Esme crouches behind her, Bella stands behind Esme, and Carlisle stands in the background

    Chapter 23: Goodbyes, Chapter 24: Ambush, and Chapter 25: Race

    Still from Twilight: James sniffing a tree angrily

    Chapter 26: Blood, Chapter 27: Chores, Chapter 28: Three Conversations, and Chapter 29: Inevitability

    Still from Twilight: Edward sucking venom out of Bella's wrist as she lies on the floor


    Still from Twilight: Edward and Bella dancing at prom

    And that's a wrap! Congratulations on making it this far. Honestly, Midnight Sun was a slog, but it also made me super nostalgic for a time when Edward Cullen consumed my life.

    Still from Twilight: Edward entering the cafeteria. Text on image: Robert Pattinson, from the commentary track, saying "there are just so many things I could say, I just don't want them recorded."