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21 Things That Will Make Australians Feel Damn Old

Wait, 2007 wasn't three years ago?

1. People who turn 21 this year have never known a world without Toadfish Rebecchi.


Ryan Moloney, 37, has been on Neighbours since 1995 - more than half his life.

2. And those who were born in the year The Saddle Club premiered (2001) are nearly finished high school.


They'd be in year 10 or 11 right about now.

3. Bindi Irwin is old enough to drink.

Instagram: @bindisueirwin / Via

She'll turn 19 this year.

4. Jeffrey Walker, star of Round the Twist, The Wayne Manifesto, Mirror, Mirror, Ocean Girl and Thunderstone, is now the father of two kids.


He's also a director and has worked on a bunch of TV shows as well as the upcoming Dance Academy: The Movie.

5. Nikki Webster is 30 this year, and the mother of a three-year-old.

6. Summer Heights High came out 10 years ago.


7. The novel Looking For Alibrandi turns 25 this year, while the movie hits 17 - the same age Josie is in the film.


8. Sophie Lee is now older than Anne Tenney was when she played her mother in The Castle.

Working Dog

Sophie is 48, while Anne was 43 when she played Sal Kerrigan.

9. Australian Idol has been off air for more years than it was on.


The show lasted for six years, but ended eight years ago.

10. There hasn't been a new issue of TV Hits in seven years.

Pacific Magazines

11. Kids these days sing "Wake Up Lachy" instead of "Wake Up Jeff", because Jeff hasn't been in the band for five years.

He retired, along with the other original Wiggles (except Anthony) in 2012. The band has existed since 1991.

12. And anyone under the age of 20 has no idea who Agro is.


Agro's Cartoon Connection ended two decades ago.

13. Silverchair hasn't released new music in 10 years.


Young Modern came out in 2007, and the band went into "indefinite hibernation" in 2011.

14. It's been a decade since John Howard was prime minister of Australia.

Greg Wood / AFP / Getty Images

He served as PM from March 1996 to December 2007.

15. And it's been five years since Julia Gillard's searing misogyny speech.


2012 was five whole years ago, guys.

16. Shane Warne hasn't played cricket for Australia in a decade.

David Hancock / AFP / Getty Images

17. The Thredbo landslide happened 20 years ago.

Ski instructor Stuart Diver was rescued, but 18 people died

18. And this year is the 15th anniversary of the Bali Bombings.

Flickr: @jlascar / Via Flickr: jlascar

19. We're closer to 2030 than we are to the Sydney Olympics.

Mike Powell / Getty Images

20. We haven't been happy with Jan for 17 years.

The Yellow Pages ad (lol) that featured the catchphrase "Not Happy Jan!" first aired in 2000.

21. And anyone under the age of 12 has never known the joy of a Yowie.

Yowie Group

They were discontinued in Australia in 2005.


People born in 2001 would be in year 10 or 11 at school in 2017, not year 12 as this post previously stated.

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