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29 Tweets That Will Make You Laugh If You're A Woman

"As a woman, I just hope that one day I have as many rights as a gun does."

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ITEMS EVERY WOMAN SHOULD OWN: -Little Black Dress -Cute flats -Strappy s- ok now that the men have stopped reading, we revolt at dawn.


Because there are no women to organise it? RT @angelicantoniox: Why isn't international men's day celebrated like women's day


attention men: pls stop telling us you want to go down on us for "hours". thats way too long. we have stuff to do. i've got a lasagne cookin


Guy 1: OK. Nail polish on the hand means it's a woman. Guy 2: You can't see the other hand's nails. How do we make…


guys: women are a mystery. women: Here is what we- guys: LITERALLY WHAT DO THEY WANT? women: well for start- guys: Guess we'll never know!


Dolls teach girls very unrealistic body standards. A Russian doesn't have to have many tiny Russians inside her to be beautiful.


Art depicting all 3 species of twitter men: 1) Actually... 2) Unsolicited dick pic 3) 3rd wheel barging into convo


WOMAN: I wish to no longer be mansplained things GENIE: Okay {POOF} *turns her into a guy* MAN: What I actually meant was… GENIE: oh jeez


As a woman, I just hope that one day I have as many rights as a gun does.



GOD: Let there be women WOMEN: Cool GOD: But no pockets WOMEN: What? GOD: Put your stuff in a bag lol MEN: lol GOD: lol


Man: I'll never date a feminist Feminists: True


yet ANOTHER unrealistic standard for women smh


Sitting in a room with my husband and kids... Suddenly I realise everyone here has been in my vagina. Wow


"men don't find it attractive when yo-" wOW for a second there I almost thought women lived just to please men haha almost scared me there


Carry yourself w/the confidence of a girl holding a massive owl.


LADIES! Does YOUR MAN need a surprise in the bedroom? ;) cover his face in egg while he sleeps


how can anyone argue that sexuality is a choice when there are still lots of women left who will date men


I don’t need femims because we have lost too many men to the friendzone. The zone where they get to be friends with women. It’s a nightmare


We asked 500 men what they look for in a woman and then set them adrift on a raft screaming, because just kidding who cares


Gender Inequality: A woman continues to have to do a LOT more than a man to get to the same position.


Started to call men "buddy" or "champ" who call me "honey" or "sweetheart" at work. The confusion on their faces is priceless.


[inventing dogs] God: ur mans best friend Dog: pretty sexist God: no, man as in every-fuck it u can't talk Dog: ... God: & chocolate kills u


I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to move because he's blocking my way to the cheese platter.


When the lyrics are lowkey misogynistic but the beat bangs

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