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    Let's Analyse The "Game Of Thrones" Trailer Shot-By-Shot

    Get your predictions ready.

    The trailer for Season 7 of Game of Thrones is finally here!!! Let's dive right in:

    The trailer opens with a shot of Cersei walking towards a giant map of Westeros painted on the floor, with her voiceover talking about how she's surrounded by enemies.

    When Cersei mentions "enemies to the east", we get a shot of Grey Worm and the Unsullied in their new winter uniforms.

    There's a shot of a different map - what looks like the table at Dragonstone - tracking north.

    Then Cersei mentions "enemies to the west", and we see this ship. It could be Euron Greyjoy's longship Silence, coming from the Iron Islands in the west.

    There's another shot of this map, still heading north.

    Cersei talks about "enemies to the south" and we see someone sharpening a blade. Perhaps someone in Dorne?

    Then there's this last shot of the map, settling on the Wall and the area north of it as Cersei says "enemies to the north".

    The next shot is Arya, who doesn't appear to be in the snow-covered North yet, but is almost certainly headed that way.

    And then we get a good shot of Cersei's awesome floor map, as she stands contemplating the North with Jaime looking on.

    "Whatever stands in our way, we will defeat it," Cersei says. Her confidence and determination to destroy everyone who is not a Lannister isn't surprising - but it's interesting she says "whatever" not "whoever".

    Her words are backed up by a great shot of the Lannister army marching.

    Then we see Cersei, with Jaime by her side (sigh) and the Zombie Mountain in front of her (eek), being addressed by someone in the throne room.

    An interesting detail in this scene: Cersei has replaced the seven-pointed star of the Faith of the Seven with a Lannister lion.

    Whoever is addressing Jaime and Cersei, they're super unimpressed.

    Kinda how I feel about the fact Jaime is still by Cersei's side. Ahem.

    But you know what is impressive? Cersei's brilliant new outfit, which is as spiky as the Iron Throne/her soul, and builds on her dark warrior aesthetic from the Season 6 finale.

    While Cersei claims "we're the last Lannisters... the last ones who count", we're reminded otherwise with our first shot of Tyrion, wearing his Hand of the Queen pin, walking along the cliffs of Dragonstone with a worried look on his face... he watches all three of Dany's dragons flying away.

    We switch to Dany's voiceover as she proclaims, "I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms" while looking up at Dragonstone - her actual birthplace.

    We see her emotional face as she touches the shore of Westeros for the first time.

    She's dreamed of this moment her whole life. And we have been dreaming of it for six seasons (and longer for book readers). Needless to say: YAAAASS.

    Then there's a shot of her on the throne at Dragonstone, guarded by a Dothraki.

    Next the Unsullied storm a Lannister keep. It's fair to presume this is Casterley Rock, which is not exactly close to Dragonstone, suggesting Dany's armies will reach far and wide.

    Here are some great shots of Grey Worm fucking up Lannister men.


    Then we cut to our first shot of Jon Snow at Winterfell, as the crowd cries "The King in the North!".

    We see him addressing his followers with Sansa and Davos by his side, Tormund in the crowd, and Littlefinger lurking in background as per usual.

    Littlefinger is up to his old tricks, trying to stir up shit as he gazes at Sansa and we hear him say, "Your father and brothers are gone, yet here you stand."

    Next we see this shot of what looks like a gate rising at the Wall.

    There's Theon looking pretty freaked out, surrounded by burning embers (more on that later).

    And Melisandre shows up at Dragonstone(!).

    She's watching some figures - probably Dany and co - walk the ramparts. The last time we saw Mel, she was being banished from Winterfell by Jon Snow. She could have headed to Dragonstone because it was the last home she had with Stannis - or maybe she's ready to attach herself to a new saviour in Daenerys. The juxtaposition of these shots with Littlefinger's voiceover saying, "the last best hope against the coming storm" suggests it's the latter.

    (Side note: Littlefinger's gotta be saying that to Jon Snow, not Sansa, right???).

    Speaking of the coming storm, we get a glimpse of some wildlings running away from something north of the Wall.

    Then there's Arya, further north than she was earlier in the trailer, judging by the snow on the ground.

    First of all: YES SHE'S GETTING CLOSER TO WINTERFELL. Second of all: the angle of the intial shot is very interesting. Low to the ground, almost like it's the point of view of an animal. Could it be Nymeria, her long lost direwolf? Please, please, please, I need to see that reunion.

    We see some soldiers (wildings? crows?) in an actual storm, ready to fight.

    Then it's back to Littlefinger lurkin', as a voiceover from Ser Davos says, "If we don't put aside our enmities and band together, we will die." How relevant to Littlefinger's dastardly deeds.

    We get some amaaazing shots of the Dothraki in action.

    Guess they're taking to Westeros pretty well.

    There's a shot of a fiery sea battle, which is probably what Theon was looking at earlier in the trailer.

    Then we have Davos finishing his earlier statement about banding together. He says, "and then it doesn't matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne."

    The next shot is Daenerys, so there's a good chance he's talking to her, seeking an alliance for Jon against the Night King.

    That map she's standing in front of is the same one we saw Stannis using back in Season 2 - and the one Aegon the Conquerer also used when he conquered Westeros.

    Next we see Zombie Mountain, probably about to crack someone's skull open (maybe whoever was annoying Cersei and Jaime earlier).

    But the interesting thing here is his new armour, which matches Cersei's aesthetic, and her crown in particular.

    Next there's a shot that looks like it could be from some kind of battle, but it's pretty dark and fast so it's really hard to distinguish anything signficant.

    Then we see Jon lunging at Littlefinger and choking him.

    They're in the crypt of Winterfell, right next to the statue of Lyanna Stark, who we found out in the Season 6 finale is Jon's mother.

    And while Jon might not be Ned's biological son, he sure does take after him.

    OK, back to more shots of the Lannister men clashing with the Unsullied.

    Then we have Arya looking for something - possibly at Winterfell.

    And what appears to be an imprisoned Jorah's greyscaled arm.

    It looks a hell of a lot worse than the last time we saw it, when Daenerys sent him off to find a cure:

    Guess he hasn't had much luck yet.

    There's a shot of the Dothraki clashing with Lannister men.

    Then we see Jon, clad in wildling clothes, running away from something, with Tormund right behind him.

    So far the trailer has shown us a lot of fighting and battle scenes. But this wouldn't be Game of Thrones without some sex - which apparently Greyworm and Missandei are about to have.

    And we see Ellaria Sand and Yara Greyjoy kissing.

    There's a shot of someone (Tyrion?) knocking over a Lannister lion on the war map. The positioning seems to confirm that Team Dany has conquered Casterly Rock.

    Then there's what looks like another shot from that fiery sea battle.

    And the last shot of the trailer is this epic visual of the Dothraki riding into battle with a dragon overhead, as Jon Snow utters, "the great war is here".

    Less than two months to go: I AM SO FUCKING READY.