15 Interesting Details And Moments From "House Of The Dragon" Episode 5

    It's a nice day for a Green Wedding.

    Warning: This post contains spoilers for Episode 5 of House of the Dragon.

    What a HUGE episode it was — officially the midpoint of the season, with all the bubbling tensions culminating in what fans have dubbed the Green Wedding. Let's dive into the interesting details and moments from this week's episode...

    1. The opening credits have changed slightly — we can see a bloodline, which is no doubt Viserys's, joining up with Alicent's, and a new bloodline extended from it, representing their children (or Aegon, at least).

    Alicent's symbol in the opening credits with blood running through it, going off in a different direction on one side

    2. Before her death, Rhea Royce gets in some wicked insults toward her estranged husband, Daemon. Her quip about the Vale sheep being "prettier" is a reference to the crack Daemon made at the small council earlier in the season — indicating the gossip has reached her even away from court.

    Rhea Royce in bronze armor on horseback in the Vale

    3. The conversation between Otto and Alicent has huge repercussions.

    Otto and Alicent talk in front of the rain-soaked courtyard

    4. We've seen Joffrey Lonmouth before this episode, fighting alongside Laenor in the Stepstones.

    Laenor and Joffrey stand in armor in front of. a war table

    5. The last time Viserys (and we) saw Laena Velaryon, she looked quite different.

    Laena at 12 and as as teenager

    6. Larys's reference to the flower in the godswood being "an outsider among the natives" to Alicent was quite an on-the-nose analogy — especially in the way the red flower matched her red dress.

    Larys talks to Alicent in the godswood

    7. Viserys meets Corlys in the Hall of Nine in his castle, High Tide — a power move from Corlys not just in the way he doesn't meet Viserys at the gate, but also because the Hall is basically a giant trophy cabinet displaying Corlys's achievements.

    Viserys, Corlys and Rhaenys stand in the Hall of Nine

    It also includes his latest souvenir — the Crabfeeder's mask.

    Corlys looks at the Crabfeeder's mask

    8. When Rhaenyra is taking a stroll with Laenor, she's wearing her courting dress — the one she wore while looking for potential suitors last episode.

    Rhaenyra walking with Laenor

    9. After Alicent's talk with Larys (and her earlier one with Otto), she's already switched from the Targaryen red clothes she's been wearing since her marriage to Viserys back into her mother's Hightower gown.

    Alicent and Criston sit on a couch and speak

    10. Maesters Mellos and Orwyle are seen disagreeing over the correct treatment for Viserys, with Mellos refusing a new treatment — it hints that Mellos could be working against the king in secret.

    Viserys reclines on a chair looking ill while two Maesters stand over him

    11. The dragons we see heading into King's Landing are Seasmoke, ridden by Laenor, and Meleys, ridden by Rhaenys.

    Two dragons fly above the sea

    12. This man playing the drums seems to be a nod to Mushroom, a court entertainer who is the source of some of the more salacious stories in Fire and Blood, which House of the Dragon is based on.

    A man of short stature plays a drum

    13. It's funny that Laenor says dancing is "not much different to combat" considering they're doing the dance of the House of the Dragon at this point (did you notice the dragon-like movements?) — and the Dance of the Dragons is the nickname for the upcoming civil war between Targaryens.

    Rhaenyra dances with Laenor

    14. Perhaps the biggest moment of the episode goes to Alicent's dress! Wearing Hightower green (very far from Targaryen red), arriving late and in the middle of Viserys's speech so she gets EVERYONE'S attention: This is Alicent's declaration of war.

    larys in a green dress

    15. Finally, Daemon cuts in on Harwin dancing with Rhaenyra, which is interesting because Harwin is one of the few people who knows about her night with Daemon.

    Daemon cuts in on Harwin dancing with Rhaenyra

    It's also Harwin who rescues Rhaenyra from the fray after his father, the Hand of the King, silently tells him to take action.

    Harwin carries Rhaenyra over his shoulder

    What was your fave part of Episode 5 of House of the Dragon?