"House Of The Dragon" Episode 4 Had A Lot Of Interesting Details

    Some blink-and-you'll-miss-them moments had huge implications.

    Warning: this post contains spoilers for Episode 4 of House of the Dragon.

    This week's episode put the focus mainly on Rhaenyra and a huge turning point in her journey. Let's take a look at all the interesting details and moments along the way...

    1. It's significant that the episode opens with Rhaenyra playing with the necklace Daemon gave her — she seems to only wear it when she's feeling close to or thinking of him.

    Rhaenyra plays with the necklace Daemon gave her

    Daemon, of course, takes notice that she's wearing it when he returns to King's Landing.

    Daemon touches the necklace Rhaenrya wears around her neck

    But, notably, she is no longer wearing the necklace after Daemon ditches her at the brothel.

    Rhaenyra wears a plain gold necklace

    2. Back to the opening scene, and Rhaenyra's outfit is more revealing and bolder than usual, showing her effort to attract suitors, in spite of the sub-par selection.

    Rhaenyrs sits between Boremund Baratheon and Criston Cole wearing a red off-the-shoulder dress

    3. In this scene, she's at Storm's End, the seat of House Baratheon, and that's Lord Boremund Baratheon at her side.

    Boremund looks at Rhaenyra sideways

    4. The fight between the Blackwood and Bracken suitors might seem random, but the two houses actually have an ancient, petty feud happening in the background of the main events.

    5. Daemon's crown is made from bones.

    Daemon stands in the doorway of the Throne Room wearing a crown

    6. And it's the Crabfeeder's hammer that he offers up to Viserys for the Iron Throne.

    Daemon holds a hammer out in front of him

    7. We see Alicent holding an infant — this is the baby she was pregnant with in the last episode. Between this and the description of Aegon as a "princeling of three," it seems about a year has passed since Episode 3.

    Alicent holds a baby

    8. Rhaenyra's escape through the Red Keep passages while wearing boy's clothing is very reminiscent of Arya — right down to her sneaking past Balerion's skull and later watching a play where her family's drama is acted out.

    A disguised Daemon and Rhaenyra walk trough the streets

    9. The gold cloak Rhaenyra runs into is Ser Harwin Strong, who was introduced in Episode 3.

    Ser Harwin looks at Rhaenyra

    10. In case you couldn't tell exactly what happened with Daemon and Rhaenyra — no, Daemon couldn't get it up, and this isn't the first time it's happened.

    Daemon caresses Rhaenyra's face

    11. Speaking of Mysaria — she is the White Worm, aka the one who is spying and offering up intel to Otto in exchange for payment.

    Mysaria gets money from a small boy

    12. We learn that the dagger that is later used to kill the Night King actually has the Prince that was Promised prophecy inscribed on it in Valyrian markings.

    The catspaw dagger is held to a flame, showing writing inscribed on it

    13. Rhaenyra, meanwhile, finally has a spot on the Small Council.

    Rhaenyra sits at the council table

    14. Finally, Viserys wants Rhaenyra to marry Laenor — if you missed him last week, he was Corlys' son who rode his dragon, Seasmoke, into battle.

    Laenor looks dirty from battle

    What was your fave moment on House of the Dragon this week?