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    Meet The 25 Women Competing For The Honey Badger On "The Bachelor"

    Just in time for your office sweep.

    We are just days away from the premiere of The Bachelor Australia, and we finally have our first look at the contestants competing for Nick "Honey Badger" Cummins.


    Let's take a closer look...

    Aleksandra, 31, Vic


    Aleksandra is a nature-loving yoga teacher who believes in putting out into the universe what you want to receive. She describes herself as "efficient", and her dream guy is tall, adventurous, thoughtful, and loving.

    On her dream wedding: "No shoes, dancing till late with only close people."

    Alisha, 25, ACT


    Alisha is a political adviser who wants to find a guy who is intelligent and treats his mum right. Her ideal date would be hiring a tinny on the Hawkesbury River, and having a picnic complete with a six-pack of VB.

    On where she sees herself in 10 years: "Hopefully with the Bachie! Lazing around on a Sunday with our two dogs (a French bulldog and an Italian greyhound), a beautiful home, a great career and some babies."

    Ashlea, 30, Qld


    A property consultant and mother, Ashlea is an optimist looking for her prince charming who has a great personality, a sense of humour, and is spontaneous and trustworthy. Her dream date is a picnic with wine and cheese.

    On why she applied: "I wanted the opportunity to meet someone out of my comfort zone. A guy who didn’t approach me at a bar or through a form of social media."

    Autumn, 29, Vic


    Autumn is a digital designer who loves volunteering and is big on chivalry. She wants an "old soul" who is passionate, ambitious, and caring.

    On her worst date: "The guy talked about himself. It was like sitting through an interview that I didn’t want to be a part of. I also had to pay for dinner. What the heck?"

    Blair, 27, Qld


    A fit and active PE teacher, Blair is competitive but also loves to laugh, even at her own expense. She wants someone muscular, tall, and tanned. She says Cameron Diaz would play her in the movie of her life.

    On her worst trait: "I have a really high belly button. It is a bit creepy."

    Brittany, 30, NSW


    Brittany is a radiographer who describes herself as a "hurricane", and says she's ambitious, optimistic, and funny. She loves travelling and wants to find someone to share adventures with.

    On her dream guy: "Generous, down-to-earth, funny, romantic, light hearted and low maintenance. He needs to love travel, like spontaneous adventures, dogs, be into health and fitness and be family oriented. Does this exist?"

    Brooke, 24, WA


    Brooke is a youth worker and proud Indigenous woman who wants to be a role model to Indigenous young people, especially in the area of mental health. She's a passionate and driven fitness fanatic who wants a sporty, compassionate, and empathetic partner.

    On her dream date: "My dream date would be just being in bush or the open sky where I can see all the stars. I love the sky and love the beach. I also love sport, so a date at a sports game would be my ideal date or anything adventurous or outside."

    Cass, 23, NSW


    A student who describes herself as a "girly tomboy", Cass is a former Miss World finalist whose ideal man is sporty, loving, and kind to animals.

    On describing herself in five words: "Sporty, Loving, awkward and outgoing."

    Cat, 24, Bali


    Cat is a "wild, crazy, and creative" fashion designer who is looking for a funny, down-to-earth guy to be her partner AND her best friend.

    On her dealbreakers: "Unhygienic, boring personality and someone with no drive or ambition."

    Cayla, 27, Qld


    Cayla is an energy healer, whatever that is, who loves clean eating, nature, and meditation. She wants someone who is patient, loyal, caring, thoughtful, and a good father.

    On why she applied: "Because I have given up on the modern guys who don’t seem to be old fashioned, and a few failed dating disasters."

    Christina, 23, Qld


    Christina is an "outrageously loud" "pocket rocket of energy" diva who works as a retail manager. If a guy can't cook and clean, she's not interested.

    On her type: "Tall, dark hair, blue eyes, well-dressed. I am very drawn to a confident man."

    Dasha, 32, SA


    A personal trainer and a mother who is passionate about health and fitness, Dasha describes herself as "Feminine with a capital F". She wants a "Mr Handsome" who is strong, reliable, and caring.

    On her perfect partner: "He is a man, not a boy. I am old fashioned and believe that true gentlemen exist and chivalry is not dead. I want a supportive and protective partner who is my best friend above all things."

    Emily, 24, ACT


    Emily is an ex-ballet dancer and a dance teacher who is cheeky, passionate, and close to her family. Her dream date is a relaxed picnic with music and wine.

    On what she's looking for: "My perfect partner would be genuinely kind, loyal, family oriented and loves me for me (flaws and all)."

    Juliana, 29, NSW


    Juliana is an athletic lifeguard who is passionate about the environment and the ocean. She's a self-described "resilient mermaid" who believes everything happens for a reason and wants someone who is kind-hearted, cultured, outdoorsy, and a surfer.

    On her dealbreaker: "It may sound incredibly odd to most people, but a deal breaker would be if they cannot swim. I save people’s lives in and around water for a living and while I have taught babies, kids, and adults how to swim in the past, the thought of teaching my partner swimming and water safety would feel like I was bringing work home and it would probably exhaust me and really test the relationship/patience of us both."

    Kayla, 24, SA


    Kayla is a flight attendant whose friends call her Bambi because she's so tall. Her happy place is the chocolate aisle of the supermarket. She's after a guy who is taller than her, with a good sense of humour.

    On her worst date: "I went on a date with a guy and we went surfing together. I tried to act like I was a professional but I was not. I almost drowned by showing off to him."

    Renee, 30, Vic


    Renee is an ambitious business analyst who loves people. She's a tomboy AND a "girly girl", and is after a guy who challenges her intellectually and emotionally.

    On her dealbreaker: "A guy who’s a vegan. I respect the choice, but sometimes you have just got to eat something that had parents."

    Rhiannon, 28, Qld


    Rhiannon is a fun, playful, and energetic sales rep who loves sarcasm. She's after a manly man who will make her feel "giddy".

    On her dream date: "Anything by the water on sunset, a few drinks and some food would honestly be perfect."

    Romy, 29, Qld


    A wild and impulsive photoshoot director, Romy says she's a bit of a bogan and is after a passionate, patient, and kind man.

    On her worst date: "I crashed my car into his in the parking lot."

    Shannon, 25, Vic


    Shannon is a car care consultant who describes herself as "weird, wonderful, and passionately happy". She paints and writes poetry, and is looking for a gentleman who can make her laugh.

    On her ideal date: "I think just being out in nature, sitting on a picnic blanket, drinking wine and having good conversation. I’m pretty easily satisfied. It is the thought that counts."

    Sophie, 25, Qld


    Sophie is an ambitious property valuer who is close to her family – especially her twin. She loves the outdoors and applied for the show because it seemed like an adventure.

    On her ideal partner: "Tall, fun and handsome (on the inside and outside)."

    Steph, 23, Vic


    A children's entertainer with a love of "all things potato", Steph says the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to her was high school.

    On why she applied: "Because competing with girls who all have modelling experience for one guy is easier than modern dating."

    Susie, 30, WA


    Susie is a property manager who worries that she's missed the boat on finding love. She's blunt and honest, and wants to find a guy who will take her on the kind of picnics you only see in movies.

    On how she deals with criticism: "Water off a ducks back."

    Tenille, 25, Qld


    Tenille is a flight attendant who is "modest and well-spoken" and is looking for a caring, down-to-earth guy with sex appeal.

    On her personality: "I'm so laid back I need to lean forward."

    Urszula, 34, Vic


    An "unorthodox and sassy" creative director, Urszula says she's a hunter when it comes to dating. She wants an alpha male who is spontaneous and passionate.

    On why she's single: "Why is this stigmatised as a problem? I like being single as much as I like being in a relationship. Being happy within yourself is important and if the right person joins your journey, then so be it."

    Vanessa, 27, Vic


    Vanessa is a legal secretary whose life motto is "revenge is sweet". She's fiercely independent, and looking for a guy who is sincere and has a great sense of humour.

    On why she applied: "It was one of my New Year’s resolutions."

    Who will win Honey Badger's heart?!

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