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    Important: There Is A Third Hemsworth Brother

    Thank you, Hemsworth parents.

    You know Chris Hemsworth, the Sexiest Man Alive.

    Lucas Jackson / Reuters

    You know Liam Hemsworth, who is also very sexy.

    Carlo Allegri / Reuters

    But did you know there's a THIRD Hemsworth brother?!



    Danny Moloshok / Reuters

    This is Luke Hemsworth.

    Getty Images Valerie Macon

    He's actually the eldest brother, and is also an actor.

    In fact, he started acting before his brothers and was the one who inspired them to pursue it as a career.

    Chelsea Lauren / Getty Images

    After a string of TV roles in Australia, he's had roles in four feature films in the last year - The Reckoning, The Anomaly, Infini and Kill Me Three Times.

    Reckoning Productions
    Unstoppable Entertainment

    So you'll probably be seeing him a lot more in the future.

    Here he is with his brothers on what appears to be his wedding day.

    And here he is with Craig Hemsworth, the progenitor of the Hemsworth Three.

    (Here are both the Hemsworth parents who #blessed the world, in case you were wondering).

    Flickr: musicnewsaustralia / Creative Commons

    According to Tom Hiddleston, Luke keeps his younger brothers in check.

    Here they are all together again.

    So now you know.

    Getty Images Alberto E. Rodriguez