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    29 Hilariously Recreated Childhood Photos

    Time is a flat slidey thing.

    1. This display of brotherly love.

    2. This dude who can rock a headband at any age.

    3. This family that shows that some things never change.

    4. And that sisters who travel together, stay together.

    5. These brothers who know how to pose.

    6. These siblings who can miraculously find the fun in car trips.

    7. This very strong family.

    8. These trick-or-treaters.

    9. These ice cream lovers.

    10. This stylish bunch.

    11. This father and son.

    12. And this father and son.

    13. This mother and son.

    14. These batfans.

    15. This guy.

    16. And this guy.

    17. And this guy.

    18. And these guys.

    19. This close family. / Via

    20. This hungry family.

    21. These best friends.

    22. And these best friends.

    23. These beached as siblings.

    24. This pair.

    25. This trio.

    26. This spaghetti fan.

    27. These striped brothers.

    28. This family.

    29. And this family. / Via