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19 Tweets That'll Make You Say "I Thought It Was Just Me"

"I’m impressed with how ugly I’m willing to look in public these days."

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when u deal with being sad by listening to sad music


"oh ok" actually means my heart just got ripped into a million pieces but i won't tell you because you wouldn’t care how i feel anyway



If you’re ever with me and someone comes up to me and starts talking and I don’t introduce you, it’s strictly because I don’t remember their name. So please feel free to be a dope person and introduce yourself so I can then hear said name and pretend I knew it the whole time.


I deadass be trying to take 2-3 minute naps in the morning, alarm goes off at 7:35 and I'm like "shii I'll get up at 7:38"


my conscience escorting me to my messages once a week to reply to all the friends i've been ignoring


Every work email I send: Hey! Sorry to bug you! Was just wondering (If it’s not too much trouble) Would it be possible to do thing you said you’d do? Totally fine if not! Prob my fault anyway I’m an idiot :) Sorry to bother you! Sorry I exist! So sorry! Just let me know! Emily


Instagram: look how lovely my life is Twitter: look at my life falling apart


School and microwave minutes are longer than regular minutes


I’m impressed with how ugly I’m willing to look in public these days


me outside of a random persons car thinking it’s my uber because i don’t know what a white honda accord looks like


2008: I don’t talk to strangers on the internet. 2018: I only talk to strangers on the internet.


do u ever want to take a nap but the nap doesnt want to take u


"but you said your 10 mins away" First of all I didn't say where I'm 10 mins away from



how come when i eat just a buttered piece of bread at home it’s a struggle meal but when i eat just a buttered piece of bread at a restaurant i’m like wow the luxury of it all


sibling culture is not talking to each other for awhile and then texting them “this is you” along with a picture of an ugly bird you found online


One week into vacation My body: please, a vegetable. Me: a croissant? My body: I'm begging you, a single leaf of kale. Me: so another bowl of pasta?


wanna feel old? today was 8 months ago