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29 Times Travis Fimmel From "Vikings" Made You So Damn Thirsty

Vikings have never looked so good.

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2. When his hair swooped and you swooned.

4. And kiss you and look at you like this.


5. When his modeling shots awoke you. Sexually.

8. When just this tiny glimpse of torso drove you goddamn wild.

10. When you wanted to get in this bath with him.

11. And in this one too.


13. When he was a complete badass and you were like yaaass.

14. When he was sleepy and dreamy and made you happy sigh.

16. And he held this baby goat and your heart just about exploded.


21. And over and over...

24. When he was a little bit scruffy and a lot freaking sexy.


25. And he made you pregnant with one goddamn look.