29 Reasons To Fall In Love With Max Irons

    Happy Birthday and thanks for existing.

    1. This is Max Irons.

    2. His smoulder game is On. Point.

    3. Seriously dat angst face.

    4. But he's also kinda goofy and adorable.

    5. His smile is very lovely.

    6. But he also throws epic shade.

    7. He has a CHARMING accent.

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    8. His full name is Maximilian Paul Diarmuid Irons. LIKE A BOSS.

    9. He looks amazing in a suit.

    10. Like woah.

    11. He pulls off olde timey clothes really well.

    12. And literally ~pulls them off~ really well.

    13. He's also very good at the whole shirtless thing.

    14. The whole no clothes thing, actually.

    15. He sure is ~talented~.

    16. For real though, he really is talented.

    17. He was the best damn thing in Red Riding Hood.

    18. And he was a definite highlight of Dorian Gray.

    19. And The Host.

    20. Max Irons in the rain almost made that movie worth watching. Almost.

    21. That and the adorable bromance that blossomed IRL between him and co-star Jake Abel.

    22. Even surrounded by the gloriousness of Douglas Booth and Sam Claflin, he manages to stand out.

    23. In addition to acting, Max also models.

    24. Here he is in a campaign for Mango.

    25. Got that Blue Steel down.

    26. And here he is in a campaign for Burberry.

    27. Basically, he is the king of swoon.

    28. And if you don't love him already then there's no hope for you.

    29. KTHXBAI.