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27 Actors You Probably Didn't Realise Were Guest Stars On Your Fave Shows

TFW you're binge-watching an old show and see your fave before they were famous.

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community which actors they've been surprised to learn were in certain TV shows. Here are the best responses.


3. Jennifer Lawrence — Monk

USA Network

"I was watching old Monk reruns and someone in a lion mascot costume walks into the locker room and takes off the head, only to reveal Jennifer Lawrence is underneath! She's even referred to as Jen!" —idyemyhairalot

5. Zooey Deschanel — Frasier


"Zooey Deschanel as Roz's snarky and hipster cousin on Frasier! Not only is a blonde Deschanel bizarre, her too-cool-for-school attitude couldn't be more different from Jessica Day." —brookev44d349812


12. Joe Manganiello — One Tree Hill

The CW

"Whenever anyone starts talking about Joe Manganiello being on True Blood or Magic Mike, I like to remind them that we had him first as Owen on One Tree Hill." —DeAnna Hall, Facebook


19. Matthew McConaughey — Unsolved Mysteries


"I was very surprised to find out Matthew McConaughy was in an episode of Unsolved Mysteries. I had to go back and rewatch the episode (it's on the DVD set). It's so weird to see, yet he does a great job in such a sad story. I remembered the story, but when I first saw it I clearly had no idea that he would become such a famous renowned actor." —laurelc3

20. Shia LaBeouf — Freaks and Geeks


"Honestly, I was surprised by everybody who appeared on Freaks and Geeks but seeing little Shia LaBeouf as the injured mascot will always surprise me. Still so cute and so hilariously Shia even all the years ago." —serinaholguin

21. Amy Adams — Charmed


"Watching old episodes of Charmed and Amy Adams pops up playing a good samaritan who is tapped by a 'dark lighter' demon that makes her so unlucky she wants to jump off a building. Thankfully she is saved by the Power of Three and lives to become an Oscar-nominated actor. Phew!" —alvarof4f1bc732e


22. Nick Offerman — The West Wing


"Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson) had a cameo in The West Wing long before Parks and Recreation! He played Jerry (yes Jerry!) in the Season 1 episode 'The Crackpots and These Women'." —pavlovabunny

27. Evan Peters — The Office


"Evan Peters as Michael Scott's nephew in The Office. I couldn't stop laughing when he got spanked in front of the entire staff." —Stephanny Paz, Facebook

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