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There's Gay Dinosaur Erotic Fiction And We Read It So You Don't Have To

Oh, there's ghost unicorns too.

This is Chuck Tingle (DEFINITELY his real name). He's an ~author~ who writes erotic fiction involving gay dinosaurs and unicorns.

According to his Amazon bio, he's also a tae kwon do grandmaster with a Ph.D. Apparently he's a stock image model too, because what other explanation could there be for his photos showing up on stock image sites?

This is Tingle's a/s/l.

And these are Tingle's "tinglers". Naturally as soon as I saw these masterpieces I had to read them.

First we had the story of Jeremy, owner of a "gay ass" and former owner of a pet triceratops turned billionaire cabaret dancer, Oliver.

@matwhi Also does Mr Tingles just pull a bunch of words out of a hat. How else do you get gay billionaire cabaret dancing triceratops

Next there was Donny, who ended his first day at his new job at Jurassic Law by having a gangbang with a bunch of T-Rexes.

@matwhi he's just their sex slave now? "Oh I'm so excited about law I'll work as a secretary nvm just use me as a sex toy"

Then there was Lance, an astronaut stuck alone in space for a year who gets lucky when he meets an astro-saur.

@JennaGuillaume 2 pages in and he hasn't even popped a boner. What is this? Tolstoy?

@matwhi "I mean, it's not gay if it's a dude raptor and a dude human, right?" DUDE

But Tingle's tinglers are more than just dinosaurs - he also writes erotic fiction about unicorns. GHOST unicorn colonels, to be precise.

There's also football-playing unicorns. A whole squad of them.

@matwhi lol at him looking up to a sea of erect unicorn dicks

@JennaGuillaume I'm sitting in Kings cross station reading a unicorn gangbang ebook. Mum will be so proud.

Finally, we move on from unicorns and dinosaurs to the story of a bigfoot - the first to become president, actually - and the journalist who captured his heart (but here, heart means dick).

@matwhi there's an official presidential butt plug

And so concludes our Jurassic journey into Tingle's ~tinglers~. Check them out here, or follow Tingle on Twitter - where he follows only one person: Taylor Swift.

@taylorswift13 please follow# back my son #is a huge fan