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All The Interesting Details You Might Have Missed In The New "Game Of Thrones" Trailer

Let's break it down shot by shot.

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As you probably know by now, there's a new Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer, and it shows a lot of scenes we haven't seen before. To save you having to pause and rewatch it 207 times, read on for a breakdown of each shot...

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As the amazing "Light of the Seven" theme from the Season 6 finale plays, we see Sansa in the godswood of Winterfell, looking rather pensive.


In a voiceover, we hear Littlefinger saying, "Don't fight in the North, or the South. Fight every battle, everywhere. Always. In your mind."

The juxtaposition of his voice with this shot of Sansa is interesting. It suggests Littlefinger will continue to try to influence her, turning her away from Jon, battling for her mind. We saw this story being set up in the Season 6 finale, in the conversation between Sansa and Littlefinger in the godswood, which had ramifications in the King in the North scene, in which Sansa looked pretty pissed. Combined with the shot in the first trailer showing Littlefinger looming over Sansa, it looks like this internal battle will be a significant part of her story arc for Season 7.


Next we have Jon, looking very cold north of the Wall, with an unknown man standing beside him. This is part of the same sequence we saw in the first trailer, which showed him, along with Tormund, running away from something.

We head to King's Landing, with the Lannister banners proudly displayed, and the gold cloaks of the city watch walking through what looks like a pretty happy crowd.


Who could they be applauding? Surely not Cersei, who they already hated BEFORE she blew up half the city?

Is it Jaime Lannister, returning from battle? Or Euron Greyjoy, who we know is heading into King's Landing? (more on that soon)

Next, we get our first shot of Dany in this trailer, tracing her hand along the giant map table at Dragonstone.

She's wearing the same outfit she has on when she arrives at Dragonstone, so this could be when she walks in and sees the table for the first time.


Then we have Dany walking along the beach at Dragonstone.


Over this and the following shots, we hear Jon Snow saying, "For centuries our families fought together against their common enemy. Despite their differences. Together. We need to do the same if we’re gonna survive. Because the enemy is real. It’s always been real."

The juxtaposition of Dany with Jon's voice means he COULD be talking to her, trying to convince her to ally with him, echoing Davos's words from the first trailer. But the "for centuries our families fought together" part doesn't sound like a natural fit for the Starks/Targaryens. It seems more likely the line will be about a family or families more closely allied with the Starks. My money is on Jon talking about the remaining Karstarks and Umbers, who betrayed the Starks last season when they fought for Ramsay Bolton, but who Jon might be open to forgiving for the sake of fighting their very real common enemy – the White Walkers.

Meanwhile, we see Dany walking into the Dragonstone, followed by Tyrion, and being confronted by Stannis's banner.

Remember, Dragonstone was his home under Robert's rule. That map table we saw Dany walk around is the same one Stannis used to plan his battles – and also bang Melisandre on.

She rips down Stannis's banner – reclaiming Dragonstone as her own.


Before Robert's Rebellion, of course, Dragonstone was the ancestral home of the Targaryens – the place from which Aegon the Conquerer planned his takeover of the Seven Kingdoms, and also where Dany was born. Landing here is a huge moment for her on so many levels.


Then we have Grey Worm in full armour approaching some kind of cave by boat.


In the last trailer, we saw the Unsullied entering what looks like Casterly Rock. This could be how they get in – you might remember that back in Season 2, Tyrion talked about how his father put him in charge of all the sewage at the Lannister keep. It seems like just the insider knowledge he'd use to plan an attack.


The next sequence is really interesting: We see a flock of ravens flying over the army of wights, and we focus on one whose eyes turn white.

You know, the way Bran's do when he wargs into things.




He has a brand new wheelchair and fresh furs. He's with a balding, bearded man – a maester, perhaps?

But who cares because HE IS BACK AT WINTERFELL!!!! SAFE, BACK AT WINTERFELL!! Which means at the very least he should reunite with Sansa – and maybe even Jon, if he catches him before he leaves, as we know he will from the trailers. (Given the history of so-close-but-so-far Stark reunions, though, I'm preparing for the worst.)

OK, next there is probaly the most epic shot of the trailer: Beric Dondarrion wielding a FLAMING SWORD LIKE A GODDAMN BOSS.


Not only does this look super cool, it seems significant. Like Jon Snow, Beric Dondarrion was resurrected by a follower of the Lord of Light – people who believe in the legend of Azor Ahai, a hero who wielded the burning sword Lightbringer and fought against the darkness. Followers of the Lord of Light believe Azor Ahai will rise again – Melisandre thinks this is Jon Snow, although she initially thought it was Stannis, and she used her powers to enable him to carry a flaming sword. Back in Season 3, when Beric fought the Hound, the red priest Thoros used blood magic to set his sword aflame. But this time it appears Beric's sword lights up all on its own. Could it be Lightbringer? Beric seems like kind of a minor character to be THE Azor Ahai. But he is standing right next to Jon Snow in this sequence (more on that in a sec).

The next shots show Euron's fleet heading into King's Landing.

Seeing as he is probably battling Yara and Theon, who are allied with Dany, in other scenes, there's a really good chance he's heading to King's Landing to ally with Cersei, and not fight her. The enemy of my enemy, and all that. Also there's a shot in the first trailer with someone standing in front of Cersei and Jaime in the throne room who is very possibly Euron.

We get shots of the Unsullied in formation, then attacking what appear to be Lannisters, then a small group of Unsullied opening gates for a larger group.

This lines up with the earlier shot of Grey Worm, and also the scenes from the first trailer of the Unsullied storming a Lannister keep. This is almost certainly Casterly Rock.

For a change of pace, we see Missandei and Grey Worm getting intimate.


I'm gonna be so mad if they get this moment of happiness only for one or both of them to be killed off immediately after.

This next shot is interesting. We have someone who looks an awful lot like the Hound back in the South – most likely King's Landing, judging by the Lannister guard in the background – ready to fight.

Then there's Jon and Davos in less clothes than they usually are – suggesting they're also in the South. That rocky background looks an AWFUL lot like the shots of Dragonstone we've seen.


It seems very, very likely we're going to see Jon meet Dany there this season. The last trailer showed Davos appearing to talk to Dany about banding together – and it seems Jon is with him.

I don't know if I'll be able to handle it.

There's this shot, which appeared in the first trailer, of what is almost certainly Jon and co. surrounded by wights/White Walkers.


We hear Sansa saying, "When the snows fall, and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives." These are words that Ned says to Arya in the books. It's interesting hearing Sansa saying them in this trailer, especially given the fact that it opens with Littlefinger's voice – and his desire to drive her away from her family – looming over her. Her statement suggests she understands the importance of the Stark pack and is going to resist Littlefinger's influence.

On the other hand, it's somewhat ominous to hear "the lone wolf dies" as we see an injured figure – probably Jon – riding away from something beyond the Wall.

Could this be the aftermath of that wight/White Walker battle? Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

On a slightly more hopeful note, as we hear "but the pack survives", we get this shot of Jon, facing a horde of wights – somewhat reminiscent of that iconic Battle of the Bastards shot from Season 6.


We know in that shot it looked completely hopeless, but he was revealed to NOT be alone at the last moment. We know he has Tormund, Beric, probably the Hound, and others in different parts of this sequence. And that fire might be a clue that Dany and her dragons are nearby (orrrrr just, you know, that someone has lit a fire). So here's hoping he gets out of this alive.

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