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    Here's How The "Gossip Girl" Reboot Characters Compare To The Originals

    Queen Bees, minions, and of course a Lonely Boy or two.

    The Cool Girl: Julien Calloway vs. Serena van der Woodsen

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    While on first glance, Julien seems to be more of a Blair (she's Queen Bee and the character whose life is turned upside down by a new arrival in town), she has more of Serena's coolness and desire to avoid bitchiness if she can (which she usually can't, of course).

    The Good Guy: Otto "Obie" Bergmann IV vs. Dan Humphrey

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    I mean, these two even look alike! But they're both also the more principled characters (at least in theory β€” and if you overlook the whole Dan is Gossip Girl thing). They both talk big about doing what's right β€” but unlike Dan, Obie is mega, mega rich and very much an insider. He's even got the girl already, dating Julien β€” although perhaps not for long...

    The Young One: Zoya Lott vs. Jenny Humphrey

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    Like Little J, Zoya is the youngest character, two years younger than her half-sister, Julien. But Zoya has a much more central role than Jenny: She is Julien's "rival," taking on some of Serena's role as an antagonist of sorts.

    The Chuck Bass: Max Wolfe vs. Chuck Bass

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    Max is literally the new Chuck Bass. He's all smirky and flirty, with dry wit and a "can't be bothered" attitude. He sleeps around, but he has his eyes on certain members of his inner circle.

    The Coupled-Up Girl: Audrey Hope vs. Blair Waldorf

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    Audrey has a similar vintage-inspired style to Blair, and like Blair she's hiding her vulnerabilities. She's also one half of a long-term relationship that isn't quite as passionate as she wants it to be β€” it's all very Blair and Nate at the start of Gossip Girl β€” and she is also totally thirsty for her own Chuck Bass, aka Max.

    The Coupled-Up Guy: Akeno "Aki" Menzies vs. Nate Archibald

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    We're only one episode into the new Gossip Girl, so we haven't really gotten to know much about Aki yet, other than that he's in a long-term relationship with Audrey but their connection in the bedroom is lacking β€” he's totally the Nate of the group. But he does have more interesting style. Oh, and what seems to be a bit of a crush on Max. Maybe this love triangle will wind up a throuple, and everyone will be happy.

    The Minions: Luna and Monet vs. Blair's assorted minions

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    Blair's minions came and went over the years, and none of them got much personality beyond "mean." Luna and Monet, Julien's minions (or rather, her stylist and social media manager, respectively), haven't been given much to do on their own just yet β€” except be mean β€” but they do have slightly more character depth than Blair's minions. So who knows β€” they might get plots themselves at some point.

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