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    27 Simply Gorgeous Prints That Show Someone You Love Them

    Now you can wear your heart on your wall.

    1. You can't argue with maths.

    2. Or the alphabet.

    3. Or science.

    4. Or the most adorable eye chart ever.

    5. You can express your love with a pun.

    6. Or a quote.

    7. Or a lyric.

    8. Or a hyperbole.

    9. Who holds the map to your heart?

    10. And makes you feel at home?

    11. Nothing says "love" like a pair of zebras.

    12. Or a floating elephant.

    13. Unless you want to be more straightforward about it.

    14. Simple.

    15. Effective.

    16. Clear.

    17. True.

    18. Love IS all you need.

    19. And cats. You can't forget the cats.

    20. Always remember your anniversary.

    21. And your priorities.

    22. Make it personal.

    23. Unique.

    24. Relevant.

    25. Geeky.

    26. Heartwarming.

    27. And just totally lovely.