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    25 Beautiful Asian Men Who Will Make You Thirsty AF

    Hollywood, pay attention.

    1. Godfrey Gao, who is literal perfection.

    2. David Lim, who should always be shirtless.

    3. Harry Shum Jr and all his ~skills~.

    4. Dev Patel, who longbottomed so hard.

    5. Vincent Rodriguez III, who just caused the word "hunk" to be revived.

    6. Sendhil Ramamurthy, whose abs are real heroes.

    7. The dapper AF John Cho.

    8. T.O.P., who looks dashing as a brunette and blond.

    9. Ki Hong Lee, who looks great both dirty and clean.

    10. Steven Yeun, whose gorgeous face needs to be back on TV ASAP.

    11. Conrad Ricamora, who rocks glasses but also looks great with a naked...face.

    12. Total babe Chris Pang.

    13. Literally every member of 2PM.

    14. Rahul Kohli and his perfect hair.

    15. The fit and flawless Hideo Muraoka.

    16. Bob Morley, who looks good even after an apocalypse.

    17. Zayn Malik, who just keeps getting hotter.

    18. The perfect Daniel Henney.

    19. Eugene Yang, the Try Guy you would die for.

    20. Choi Si-won, man of many ~talents~.

    21. Jordan Rodrigues and his beautiful man bun.

    22. Gorgeous model Scott Neslage.

    23. The spectacular Rick Yune.

    24. Ludi Lin, who looks good all the damn time.

    25. And the always-mesmerising Vidyut Jammwal.

    This post has been updated to include some guys we missed the first time (hey, Eugene!).