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    27 Times "The Good Place" Was Way, Way Too Real

    For a comedy this show sure can get deep.

    1. When Janet spoke the harsh truth:

    2. When Michael was a whole mood:

    3. And when he put things into perspective:

    4. When Janet nailed happiness:

    5. And when she summed up how we all feel in 2020:

    6. When Eleanor saw into the soul of every former gifted child:

    7. When Bad Janet perfectly burned baby boomers:

    8. And Shawn dragged the whole human race:

    9. When Michael got very human:

    10. More than once:

    11. And when he summed up parties in the most depressing way:

    12. When Eleanor had this emotional epiphany:

    13. When Michael gave us all hope:

    14. And when he summed up our very confusing emotions:

    15. When Chidi finally made a decision:

    16. And when he explained exactly what anxiety feels like:

    17. Over and over again:

    18. When Michael reminded us all to try:

    19. When Tahani realized something important:

    20. And when she nailed what being on Twitter feels like:

    21. When Michael made the ultimate sacrifice:

    22. And when he learned about fear:

    23. When Jason made this pointed remark:

    24. And when he spoke some words of wisdom:

    25. When Michael highlighted this absolute truth:

    26. When the Judge served up this reminder:

    27. And when she basically summed everything up in five words: