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    Posted on 29 Oct 2015

    19 Times Sam And Sash From "The Bachelorette" Were Adorable AF On Social Media

    This is the definition of relationship goals.

    1. When Sam said she'd found the ~love of her life~ before the finale of The Bachelorette had even aired.

    2. And she was counting down the days until she and Sash could go public.

    3. When Sash revealed he had saved the first rose he received from Sam.

    4. And cheekily "hoped" for more dates with her.

    5. When they both uploaded pictures from their painting date with heartfelt captions.

    6. When Sash revealed this hilarious board his mates created in his honour.

    7. And shared this intimate shot from his skydiving date with Sam.

    8. When the finale finally aired and Sash uploaded this pic...

    ...with THIS caption.

    9. And Sam uploaded this picture...

    (Wearing a commitment ring Sash gave her.)

    ...with THIS caption.

    10. And then Sash tweeted THIS.

    11. When Sash revealed Sam was endearingly annoying during flights.

    12. And she backed him up by tweeting this.

    13. When Sash clearly enjoyed being able to go out in public with Sam - even if the attention was not so fun.

    14. And then he shared this cute selfie from a low-key date.

    15. When Sam shared this #TBT and Sash's joking response.

    Standard new relationship chat. Covering all the important topics

    OLD MATE!!!

    16. When Sash revealed he BOUGHT SAM A CAR!

    17. When Sam proudly uploaded a photo of Sash painting the picture he Instagrammed three weeks earlier.

    18. When Sash shared this PERFECT Dubsmash from their ~secret rendezvous~.

    19. And when Sam revealed this photo from their post-finale weekend and kept it #real.

    Peak relationship goals!


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