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    29 So Fetch Items Every “Mean Girls” Fan Needs Right Now

    Get in loser, we're going shopping.

    2. Mean Girls Assorted Mugs

    3. "But You're Like Really Pretty" Embroidery

    4. "On Wednesdays We Wear Pink" Tee

    5. Janis Ian Earrings

    6. "Boo You Whore" Cross Stitch

    7. Mean Girls-Inspired Onesie

    8. "I'm A Mouse, Duh" Necklace

    9. Saint Regina George Candle

    10. Cool Mom Card

    11. Quotes Pencil Set

    12. Minimalist Movie Poster

    13. Sticker Set

    14. Damian Print

    15. Glen Coco Necklace

    16. Glen Coco Tote

    17. Karen Earrings

    18. "That's So Fetch" Necklace

    19. "You Can't Sit With Us" Gold Mug

    20. Mean Girls Phone Case

    21. Cheese Fries Art Print

    22. Mean Girls Nail Decals

    23. "Personally Victimized By Regina George" Phone Case

    24. "Get In Loser" Patch

    25. Mean Girls Colouring Book

    26. Fetch Bracelet

    27. Plastic Necklace

    28. Pixel people Cross Stitch

    29. Burn Book Necklace