Australian Politician Compares Abortion To Killing Snake Eggs

MP Geoff Shaw says we shouldn’t kill the eggs in women’s tummies. And the internet mocked him, because you either have to laugh or cry.

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Geoff Shaw, the Independent MP for Frankston in Victoria, has reignited abortion debate in the state after claiming the abortion laws there are amongst the worst in the world.

According to The Age, Shaw reportedly said, “Here in Australia we can’t kill snake eggs but we are quite happy to kill an egg in the tummy and it should be the safest place for a baby to be.”

2. It wasn’t long before #TummyEggs began trending on Twitter.

Did the chicken or the #tummyeggs come first? Speaking of coming first, if "potentials" is your deal, Shaw, I hope you never spilled seed.

— Leena (@LeenaVanD)

@vanbadham I saw daddy sitting on Mummies #tummyeggs

— MissPennyMonney (@MissPennyMonney)

@vanbadham Pooh is concerned #tummyeggs

— uknowispeaksense (@uknowiSS)

Dang. I've put all my #tummyeggs in one basket

— Dame Foo (@iwantmynbn)

Get the breakfast sausage and the muffin for crumpet and lo..... #TUMMYEGGS #knob

— Nat Abboud (@AbboudNat)

So vibrators will scramble the #tummyeggs ? Careful ladies

— jason k (@yabbie5674)

Pffft! Any idiot know the eggs are grown from an egg-plant. #tummyeggs

— Tutch Too Mutchness (@ajmutchness)

Yolks aside, old whites should STFU about abortion. #tummyeggs

— Mike (@phantomdiorama)

LNP 3 word slogans: axe the tax stop the boats save the tummyeggs #tummyeggs #auspol

— uknowispeaksense (@uknowiSS)

Yes right. It really works like that Mr Shaw - #tummyeggs Now we know where the real aliens are Don't we #auspol

— OZloop (@OZloop)

Yummy yummy mummy. She's got eggs in her tummy. #tummyeggs

— Col Smith (@Dangerman_2)

Have you tried Mylanta? #tummyeggs

— Eliza Cussen (@ElizaCussen)

Even the Easter Bunny has #tummyeggs

— Gareth Williams (@notGareth)

@vanbadham True fact: heathen feminists have devilled #tummyeggs.

— Damon Young (@damonayoung)

Bad #tummyeggs , like bad fathers and husbands, should be tolerated because they do more good than harm...

— Paul Syvret (@PSyvret)

@vanbadham When my #tummyeggs are born I want them to be Hard Boiled not soft like their father

— MissPennyMonney (@MissPennyMonney)


— Lady Van Badham (@vanbadham)

But #TUMMYEGGS do exist!... if you're a seahorse...and a male one at that. #irony @vanbadham

— Anonymous Wyn (@WynRichards)

Geoff Shaw why do you hate snakes? #tummyeggs

— Noël (@NoelProbert)

It's cute that my 3yo thinks there's a baby in my tummy. That a grown man thinks this is terrifying #tummyeggs

— AlysJ (@AlysJ)

My #tummyeggs brings all the Shaws to the yard&he's like my bill's better'n yours,damn right,better'n yours,it's your body but I'm in charge

— Amy Gray (@_AmyGray_)

Thanks. That's the title of my next novel sorted. Bleak dystopian thriller, naturally. RT @mark_travers: #TummyEggs

— Justine Larbalestier (@JustineLavaworm)

I prefer my eggs to be free-range, they're just not comfortable in the vicinity of my stomach. #TummyEggs

— Elspeth LaMorte (@elspethlamorte)

Geoff Shaw laments it's illegal to kill "eggs in the tummy". Does this imply he advocates continual pregnancy from menarche? #TUMMYEGGS

— dame greenrat (@thegreenrat)

The logical conclusion of denying a woman's right to choose is foetal suffrage. #tummyeggs #vote1peppapig

— ABC News Intern (@ABCnewsIntern)

Tummy Eggs Benedict. #namingmychild #tummyeggs

— Patrick Lenton (@PatrickLenton)

If you've got #tummyeggs, then I hope you've got a flamethrower handy.

— Sir Aaron of C (@blahjedi)

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