Seriously, Where Is Ghost On "Game Of Thrones"?

    We were promised Ghost. We demand Ghost.

    The Game of Thrones Season 8 premiere was full of so many glorious reunions, the most emotional of which were no doubt Jon's reunions with Arya and Bran.

    But one crucial reunion was missing — that of Jon and Ghost!

    Seriously, where is Ghost?!

    Dear @HBO and @GameOfThrones, Last night's #GameofThrones season 8 premiere was fantastic, but I feel I speak for most of the fandom when I ask: WHERE IS GHOST? Sorry for the all caps. Love, me

    I rewatched the season premiere of #GamefThrones last night and decided to take some notes on the episode I’d thought I’d share #Whereisghost

    It was frustrating that Ghost was totally absent from most of Season 6 and all of Season 7 — but we were promised he would be "very present" in Season 8.

    And yet! One episode of six has come and gone and there is STILL NO GHOST.

    WHERE is he? Where IS he? Where is HE? WHERE. IS. GGGGHHHHOOOOSSSSTTTT!?! @GameOfThrones #whereisghost

    Don't get me wrong, it was really cool to finally see Jon ride a dragon just before he learned of his Targaryen heritage. But not having Ghost in the same episode is just frankly insulting.

    ghost in the shadows where the writers placed him watching jon ignore him and go for a dragon ride instead

    Ghost is as important to Jon as Dany's dragons are to her. But here's Jon, riding a dragon, and not even mentioning Ghost?!

    *Jon rides Rhaegal* Ghost: Am I a joke to you? #GameofThrones #ForTheThrone

    You know what would have been nice? If Jon actually introduced Dany to Ghost.

    Ghost when Jon come back smelling like a dragon

    But I would have settled with any scene with Ghost in it, to be honest. Even if he was in the background.

    ghost the next time he sees jon #GameofThrones

    I mean, the Season 8 premiere was full of callbacks to the past — especially to Season 1, Episode 1. You know, the episode where Jon finds Ghost. Why couldn't they include a nod to this?!

    I get that it's really expensive to include the direwolves. But if you can afford a five-minute dragon ride through the mountains for funsies, you can include one of the most important characters in Jon Snow's life.

    You can't just build up a character — and tie that character to the very identity of one of the main characters of the show — and then just conveniently forget they exist.

    To be honest, I'm very concerned Ghost will only show up just in time to be killed off.

    If next time we see Ghost he dies, we riot. #GameofThrones


    Here's hoping Ghost and Jon get a good moment in Episode 2. Otherwise WE RIOT.

    Me looking for a hint of a Direwolf in any #GOT scene. #WhereIsGhost

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