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    17 "Game Of Thrones" Spin-Offs We'd Love To See

    And now our wait begins.

    With news that HBO has five pilot scripts in development for potential Game of Thrones spin-offs, we asked the BuzzFeed Community what stories they'd most like to see explored...

    1. The history of Westeros before the arrival of men.


    "Children of the Forest! Giants! Creation of the heart trees! Dragons! White Walkers! All the best parts of GoT!" —ashleymblum22

    2. The story of the First Men and how they came to Westeros.

    The First Men were the first human inhabitants of Westeros, whom the great families of the North, like the Starks, are supposed to be descended from. They clashed with the Children of the Forest before eventually uniting with them to fight the White Walkers. —m494ed10a2

    3. The story of Bran the Builder and the Age of Heroes.


    Bran the Builder was one of the First Men, the founder of House Stark and the King in the North. According to legend, he not only built Winterfell but also the Wall. —eransbo

    4. The legends of Azor Ahai/the Last Hero.

    Azor Ahai and the Last Hero are two separate legends that may or may not be about the same person: both concern mythical figures who fought and defeated the "darkness" and/or the Others. —carolinaolivaa

    5. The tale of Nymeria, warrior queen and Princess of the Rhoynar.

    Nymeria was the warrior queen Arya named her beloved direwolf after. When Valyria conquered the Rhoyne, she led her people to Westeros, marrying the head of House Martell and conquering Dorne, creating the family line that still rules there. —gloriannagrace

    6. The tale of Valyria and its downfall.


    Valyria was the capital of a great empire ruled by dragonlords, which collapsed in an unspecified catastrophe called the Doom. The Targaryens were originally from Valyria, although they were a minor house there. —harmonyr3

    7. Aegon the Conqueror's journey.

    "He's the Targaryen who formed the Seven Kingdoms. It would make an interesting story, somewhat like a twisted Alexander the Great." —Sean Wilkinson, Facebook

    8. The Dance of the Dragons.


    This was a war for the throne the Targaryens fought amongst themselves, over 160 years before the events of Game of Thrones. It caused the deaths of many Targaryens, and most of their dragons. —jackyrtaaffe

    9. The Blackfyre Rebellions.

    The Blackfyres were a branch of the Targaryen family founded by Daemon Blackfyre, the bastard son of King Aegon IV. He led the first Blackfyre rebellion, declaring himself the rightful heir to the throne. The rebellion failed and he was killed, but there were four more Blackfyre rebellions, the last - known as the War of the Ninepenny Kings - taking place 25 years before Robert's Rebellion. —Greg Rudram, Facebook

    10. Stories of Essos.

    "I've always been curious about the places that are only briefly mentioned on the show/in the books, like Asshai, Yi Ti, the Free Cities that aren't Braavos or Pentos, etc. GRRM invented such rich and complex cultures in the parts of his world that we have seen, so what do the rest of them look like?" —isabels495197c25

    11. The story of one of the minor houses, like House Manderly of White Harbor.


    "I like the idea of following one of the families from the time of the First Men that are still around for the current age. I think that George's stressing of their importance while simultaneously pretty much leaving them out of the Song of Ice and Fire books makes them great candidates for focusing on in a spin-off. White Harbor seems like a place I'd like to get to know as well." —Matt Morgan, Facebook

    12. The full story of Robert's Rebellion.


    Even though GRRM has said that none of the spin-offs HBO is developing will be about Robert's Rebellion, let's be real, this is still the story most of us want to see played out on screen. We've seen snippets and heard stories of it on Game of Thrones, and it just makes us want it more. Give us Rhaegar Targaryen, dammit! —elephantgirl8

    13. The quests of Brienne.


    GRRM also said none of the spin-offs will feature characters we know and love. But we can dream, right? Starting with Brienne, being a general bad-ass, possible teaming up with Tormund and/or Jaime, but mostly being a bad-ass. —rachelbee96

    14. The erotic journey of Podrick Payne.


    "Pod. All day and all night. Who in their right mind wouldn't love an entire show dedicated to the sex god of GoT?" —delainim

    15. The adventures of Arya and The Hound.


    "I would take six or eight seasons of nothing but Arya and The Hound getting into mischief. Maybe in animated form. Adult cartoons are big now." —lazergeist

    16. The lost years of Gendry Waters.


    What has he been up to, besides rowing? Tbh I'd watch 10 hours of him rowing too. —i4235de686

    17. More stories featuring people of colour and less stories featuring rape.


    "All I want is more POC in lead roles and no sexualised violence towards women lmao." —codys4e6ea31fc

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