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    Jon And Dany's Conversation On This Week's "Game Of Thrones" Could Have Huge Implications

    Warning: contains spoilers.

    In the Season 8 premiere of Game of Thrones, after years of hints and foreshadowing, Jon Snow finally found out the truth about his parentage: he is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark.


    Sam broke the news to him while also urging him to take the crown from Daenerys. Of course, it's complicated for Jon – he doesn't particularly want to rule, and he also happens to be in love with Dany.


    And Dany loves him right back, as she told Sansa this week.

    Unfortunately, while Season 8, Episode 2 featured some outstanding character moments, we didn't get a lot of time spent on Jon dealing with the fallout of the reveal – maybe because for most of the episode, he was avoiding it altogether.


    He noped out of talking to Dany in group settings, which suggested he was not exactly coping – or, perhaps more ominously, that he's intending to betray her.

    But his behaviour could also be because he simply didn't want to lie to her, and he wasn't ready to break the news to her just yet. Especially with other people around.

    After all, at the end of the episode, when Dany approaches him in the crypts (in front of Lyanna Stark's statue!), Jon greets her with a smile – albeit a sad one.

    And the two of them get rather cozy.

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    Maybe the aunt thing isn't Jon's top problem right now.

    Then Jon almost immediately breaks the news.

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    After Dany expresses her surprise that Rhaegar raped Lyanna, after hearing nothing but nice things about him, Jon tells her that Rhaegar and Lyanna were actually in love – and that he was their baby.

    Aside from everything else, this is a huge moment for Jon on a personal level. He's always felt ashamed of his bastard status, and felt unwanted. Being able to say that his parents were in love – and they were married – and that he was a wanted child, and a legitimate one, is significant for him.

    The news isn't as simple as Jon getting a new identity, of course. There's also the implications of what it means for his relationship with Dany – and for the whole realm.

    What's interesting in this moment is that Jon uses "Dany" – an affectionate (and familial) nickname for Daenerys.

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    It reinforces that he still has feelings for her, and suggests he's maybe not so down with the betrayal thing as Sam hoped.

    For her part, Dany is, understandably, shocked.


    Since Season 1, she's believed she was the last Targaryen in the world. It's completely shaped her journey – as much as being a bastard has shaped Jon's. This is almost as much of a shell-shocking revelation to Dany as it is to Jon.

    The fact that she immediately brings up Jon's claim to the Iron Throne has a lot of fans thinking she's definitely going to turn on him. That could certainly be the case. But it seems more complicated than that. She's being told that everything she believes about herself is untrue. She could feel threatened – even though she does love Jon. That doesn't mean she's immediately a threat herself.

    The thing is, we don't really get a chance to properly learn how Dany feels – Dany doesn't even get to process it herself – because the scene is cut off as the dead arrive at Winterfell. Which means things are definitely interesting going into the biggest battle in the show's history.


    In the teaser for the episode, Dany appears to be getting quite angry with Jon. We don't know what the context of it is, but it is worrying – if these two can't get their shit together for the battle, then all hope is lost.

    It seems more likely, though, that they will table their personal drama for the most part, as they both want to survive this fight – and, perhaps more importantly, they want their people to survive.

    Something significant to note here: the song that Podrick is singing in this episode, which leads into the crypt scene between Dany and Jon, is "Jenny's Song".

    The song is about Jenny of Oldstones, who was married to Duncan Targaryen – an heir to the Iron Throne who forfeited his claim for his love (foreshadowing?!). Jenny was also friends with the witch who delivered the prophecy stating the Prince That Was Promised would be born from the line of Aerys and Rhaella (as both Jon and Dany were). The lyric video for the song released by HBO seems to reinforce its connection to Jon and Dany in particular, starting and ending on scenes involving them.

    So, all things considered, there are several options for what might be in Dany and Jon's future:

    • Dany could turn on Jon, seeing him as a threat (even though she's trusted in him until now).

    • Jon could turn on Dany, seeing her as an unfit ruler (even though he's believed in her until now).

    • Dany could give up her claim to the throne for Jon (even though it's all she's ever wanted).

    • Jon could give up his claim to the throne for Dany (the most feasible tbh).

    • Their problems could easily be solved (except for the whole incest thing) if they just get married already. Equal partners, ruling together, and in love! What's the issue?

    • Oh yeah, they could both end up dead. Or one of them, at least.

    • There's also the issue of Dany's potential pregnancy, which would add an extra layer of complicated to the whole twisted mess.

    We've all got to somehow survive the Battle of Winterfell, no doubt, before we learn more.



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