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    Lyanna Mormont Was The Best Damn Part Of "Game Of Thrones" And Here's Why

    A small but fierce queen. Warning: contains spoilers.

    1. When she made an impact before she'd even been onscreen by telling Stannis where to shove his campaign for the Iron Throne.

    2. When she had no time for small talk.

    3. And called bullshit on Sansa's flattery.

    4. When she took her responsibility as Lady Mormont very seriously.

    5. But still remained loyal to House Stark, unlike other Northern houses.

    6. When she silenced a grown man with the wave of her hand.

    7. When she spoke the truth about how fierce the people of Bear Island are.

    8. When she looked at Ramsay Bolton like this.

    9. When she called out all the cowardly Northern lords who didn't fight in the Battle of the Bastards.

    HBO / Via

    10. When she declared Jon Snow King in the North.

    11. When she once again shamed grown-ass men and declared her intention to fight for the North.

    12. When she wasn't afraid to call out Jon for what she thought was a mistake.

    13. On more than one occasion.

    HBO / Via

    14. When she refused to take Jorah's advice to hide in the crypts, and insisted on fighting in the Battle of Winterfell.

    15. When she commanded her men in the courtyard and manned the gate even as horrors came pouring through.


    16. When she got knocked over by a literal zombie giant but still picked herself up and roared like a true little bear.

    17. And when she managed to get in the most epic of kills before she died.

    RIP Lady Mormont. The North remembers.


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