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This One Arya Moment In "Game Of Thrones" Season 8, Episode 2 Has People Screaming


This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 2.

That sound you hear is me screaming because after years of anticipation, the GOOD SHIP GENDRYA has finally sailed!

That's right, as the Winterfell crew prepare for battle with the dead, Arya Stark decides she doesn't want to die a virgin and she GETS HERS.

Gendry, for his part, is more than happy to oblige. These are two characters who have cared about each other for a long time, who grew up together — and who are now both grown-ass adults.

HBO even made sure to remind everyone of Arya's age before it all went down.

By age 18 in Westeros you should have: - Had a pet. - Moved out on your own. - Travelled extensively. - Had a kill list. - Pretended to be the opposite sex to evade capture. - Been blind for a while. - Ticked at least three people off of your kill list.

There are still a lot of people freaking out about seeing Arya be sexual...for some reason that's more disturbing than seeing her straight-up murder people and WEAR THEIR FACES?!?!

Let's not forget, Robert Baratheon foreshadowed Gendry and Arya's union all the way back in Season 1.

1. Needless to say, Gendrya shippers are very happy.




me watching Arya and Gendry about to have sex: #GameofThrones


The perfect reaction to Arya and Gendry getting it on: #GameofThrones


7. There were a lot of jokes.

when arya ditched the hound to go spend her potential last hours banging gendry


Arya: How many girls have you been with? Gendry: #GameofThrones


Gendry, trying to find the right number of girls he's been with to show Arya he's experienced but not too experienced:


Arya writing down the names of the 3 other girls Gendry has slept with before her #GamesOfThrones


Arya: I want to know what its like before its over. Gendry: #GameofThrones


Arya and Gendry's relationship gonna be WILD when she starts swapping faces

13. And people were here for Arya's assertiveness.


Arya: I’m not the red woman, take off your own pants. Gendry: #GameofThrones


i can’t believe arya was like “i’m not dying a virgin” then fucking TOPPED gendry #gameofthrones


The Hound: where are you going? Arya: *on her way to her dick appointment*


All of Winterfell: The army of the dead: Arya:


Well you know now...... Arya gets what she want from Gendry, #GameofThrones


arya’s mood this entire episode #gameofthrones




I guess Arya had Gendry on a completely different list. #GameOfThornes

23. Of course, a lot of people were also incredibly freaked out.

Arya: "I want to know what it's like before I die." Everyone who still looks at her like a little sister #GameOfThrones


When you’ve been waiting for Gendry and Arya to get together for 4 seasons and it finally happens, but then they start getting naked....


Actually me when I saw Arya banging Gendry #GameOfThrones


We just all watched our lil assassin sister get here ass clapped in a crypt. Smh


me watching Arya and Gendry knowing Maisie Williams is 22 but in my head she’s still 12 #GameOfThrones


the audience when Arya started taking an entire titty out #GameOfThrones


Me instantly when Arya took her tits out.



Arya: "I want to know what it's like before I die." Me: #GameOfThrones⁠ ⁠

32. Anyway, here's hoping Gendry is Arya's good luck charm. And vice versa. Because if either of them die in the next episode I WILL NOT COPE.

Arya walking on to the battlefield after getting smashed #GameofThrones

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