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    19 Things Every Aussie Has Definitely Said In Summer

    "Fuck off flies."

    1. "It's gonna be a scorcher."

    Everyday watching the weather forecast.

    2. “It’s not even 8am and I’m already sweating.”

    Instagram: @essseeleigh / Via

    There's barely any point showering tbh.

    3. “Fuck it’s hot.”

    BuzzFeed Australia

    Plus its variants "shit, it's hot" and "fuck, it's fucking hot!"

    4. “Christ, it’s still 30 degrees!”

    Instagram: @bandmole / Via

    TFW you can't sleep because it's still scorching late at night.

    5. "Fuck off flies!"

    Alternatively, "these fucking flies."

    6. "Where's the esky?"

    Instagram: @tullythebordercollie / Via

    The most important part of any social gathering.

    7. "We need more ice."

    Instagram: @t3saab / Via

    The second most important part of any social gathering.

    8. "Got any Aerogard?"

    Instagram: @david_a_c_bongiorno / Via

    A must for keeping the mozzies away.

    9. “How many Zooper Doopers are too many?"

    Instagram: @barnziee_ / Via

    The limit does not exist.

    10. “If it hits 40 degrees, do we get to go home?”

    Instagram: @rene_aon / Via

    A classic Australian school urban legend.

    11. "It's only going to be 28 today."

    A "cool" change.

    12. "Let's go to the movies."

    Instagram: @vic.tagram / Via

    Purely for the aircon.

    13. "Phwoar!"

    Instagram: @mr0hunter / Via

    Always use to describe the heat, often when being smacked in the face by it when exiting an air-conditioned building.

    14. "Slip, slop, slap!"

    Instagram: @glowjo_faccini / Via

    It's practically our national motto.

    15. "Shit, I missed a spot."

    Instagram: @bambamhealy / Via

    Happens every time.

    16. “Argh, bindies!”

    Instagram: @bronysstudioandshop / Via

    Any time you're not wearing your thongs on grass.

    17. "Ow, ow, ow, ow..."

    Instagram: @coco.shini / Via

    As above, but for stretches of hot sand and/or bitumen.

    18. "Shot!"

    Instagram: @being_arif_khan / Via

    Said while watching and/or playing cricket (even if it's just in the backyard).

    19. “Macca’s run?”

    Instagram: @misssammiiii / Via

    This one transcends seasons tbh.

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