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    I Rewatched The Second Episode Of "Game Of Thrones" And Had So Many Thoughts

    So much foreshadowing. Warning: contains spoilers for Season 6.


    1. We open on the Dothraki horde. There really are so many of them.

    2. I wonder how many of these Dothraki are now following Dany.

    3. Poor Dany. She looks SO miserable.

    4. Not that she looks happy very often, tbh.

    5. She and Jon have that much in common.

    6. (And a bunch of other things. ICE AND FIRE and all that.)

    7. Huh. There’s a lot of kids in this Dothraki scene. In all the recent ones there’s only ever a bunch of dudes, the women they’re fucking, and the old ladies. Where have all the children gone?!

    8. Tyrion slapping Joffrey is still one of the best scenes in the entire series.

    9. The sound Joffrey makes as he is slapped is just so satisfying.


    11. I forgot it was three times. Damn that feels good.

    12. I could watch it forever.

    13. "The prince will remember that, little lord." Shit, he really does though. The way Joffrey treats Tyrion later is so damn awful.

    14. OMG Tyrion playing around with Tommen and Myrcella is tearing me apart.

    15. Myrcella is worried about Bran. She really was so sweet.


    16. "Even if the boy lives, he’ll be a cripple, a grotesque. Give me a good, clean death any day.” You won’t be saying that in Season 3 when they chop off your hand, Jaime.

    17. "I hope the boy does wake. I'd be very interested in what he has to say." Just wait ‘til you hear what he has to say NOW, guys. You know. With all his visions and stuff.

    18. Cersei’s story of losing her first child with Robert, a “little black-haired beauty”, is an example of the show adding something that wasn’t in the books that actually causes problems down the track.

    19. I mean, sure, it humanises her a little and connects her and Catelyn as fierce mothers in this scene (a connection Jaime reiterates in Season 6), BUT it confuses a lot of things.

    20. Like, Maggy the Frog’s prophecy that Cersei would have three children doesn’t make sense with this information.

    21. And, coupled with Gendry’s statement that his mother had “yellow hair”, a lot of people seemed to then think Gendry was actually Cersei’s son.

    22. Which is definitely not true.

    23. And also, how would Catelyn Stark (and everyone else) not know that the queen had another child?! I feel like the firstborn heir would be pretty big news, even if he died as a baby. ESPECIALLY if he died as a baby.

    24. This one scene caused a lot of confusion for not a lot of enhancement, is what I’m saying.

    25. I do like Cersei’s line, "all the things men do to show you that they care.” It’s a great echo of “the things I do for love.”


    26. Jon is getting Needle. JON IS GETTING NEEDLE.

    27. “Thank you ahead of time for guarding us all from the perils beyond the wall.” Jaime you're being a smartarse but IF YOU ONLY KNEW.

    28. This scene of Jaime mocking Jon for going into the Night’s Watch always makes me wonder whether he actually looks down on the Watch, or if he’s really thinking of his own regrets in the Kingsguard.

    29. Probably a bit of both, tbh.

    30. Nymeria! Helping Arya pack! Oh my heart.


    32. For real I love that Jon had a sword specially made for Arya. What a thoughtful big brother.

    33. "It won't cut a man's head off, but it can poke him full of holes if you're quick enough." Well, Arya nailed that, didn’t she.

    34. "You have to work at it every day." She also took that lesson on board.

    35. "Stick ‘em with the pointy end." And she REALLY learnt that one.

    36. "I'm going to miss you.” Honestly, I really, really need Arya and Jon to reunite in, like, the first episode of Season 7.



    38. Oh and now it's time for his goodbye to Bran. THESE TWO ALSO NEED TO REUNITE. ESPECIALLY BECAUSE OF WHAT BRAN KNOWS.

    39. "I wish I could be here when you wake up… I'm going north with Uncle Benjen… I know we always talked about seeing the Wall together, but you'll be able to come visit me at Castle Black when you're better… We can go out walking beyond the Wall, if you're not afraid." There is so much to unpack in Jon's farewell speech to Bran, given where Bran ended up in Season 6 and who he ended up with… I can't even.

    40. Jon kissing Bran goodbye on the forehead is not unlike that kiss he gives Sansa in Season 6. Maybe it signifies more ~sibling~ feelings than some shippers think.

    41. I hate how awful Cat is to poor Jon. ESPECIALLY knowing the truth – which she will sadly never learn.

    42. It's gut-wrenching to see Ned just standing there watching it go down, not being able to say a thing.

    43. "17 years ago, you rode off with Robert Baratheon. You came back a year later with another woman's son." True Cat, but not HIS son.

    44. The quaver in Ned's voice! He's hurting so bad. Sean Bean is such a good actor. I miss him on this show.

    45. Robb and Jon are saying goodbye now. There are too many goodbyes in this episode. It hurts so much knowing so many of them will never see each other again.

    46. "[Bran's] not going to die. I know it." You're right there, Robb.

    47. "You Starks are hard to kill." Um, you're partially right, Jon.

    48. "Next time I see ya, you'll be all in black." HE WILL NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN. I'M SOBBING.

    49. That beautiful bro hug, what a sight.

    50. I love how Jon closes his eyes so tight when he's hugging his siblings.


    51. OK, so, Sansa and Rickon are the only two Stark kids we don't see Jon saying goodbye to, and they were the first he actually reunited with.

    52. Aaaand now he’s saying goodbye to Ned. IT’S TOO MUCH.

    53. "You are a Stark. You might not have my name, but you have my blood.” Yes, Ned, yesss. I love that Lyanna Mormont uses very similar phrasing to proclaim Jon King in the North.

    54. Speaking of Lyannas… the idea that Jon thought his mother didn’t care about him, when we know the complete opposite is true, is so heartbreaking. I can’t wait until he finds out the truth.

    55. "The next time we see each other, we'll talk about your mother. I promise.” Ned getting so emotional makes so much sense after watching the Tower of Joy scene. He is totally thinking of other promises made… it’ a shame he couldn’t keep this one.

    56. But Robert is literally right behind him. Ned was protecting Jon from him until the last.

    57. And we segue into a scene where Robert and Ned discuss Jon’s mother. Wow, this episode was heavy on the foreshadowing.

    58. Ned getting angry and cagey about Robert mentioning Jon’s mother, and then basically rolling his eyes at the mention of Rhaegar and Lyanna, and then getting REALLY angry about Robert’s threat to kill all Targaryens… wow.

    59. It was all right there, we just didn’t see it.

    60. (Unless you were a book reader already.)

    61. Ned is dismissing the Dothraki threat because they have no ships. Six seasons later, ANCHORS AWEIGH.

    62. I really am quite worried about what the Dothraki might do to Westeros, tbh.

    63. "There's a war coming, Ned. I don't know when. I don't know who we'll be fighting. But it's coming.” The smartest thing Robert ever said.

    64. What a fucking scene, honestly. Laying the foundations for Jon’s parentage, Dany’s return to Westeros, and the war to come. It kinda seemed like filler at the time but it was SO important in hindsight.


    65. No, I don’t want to watch Dany being raped again, please.

    66. This is so awful.

    67. There's Ghost! Oh, for the days when the direwolves weren't CGI and could just casually be in the background of any scene.

    68. TBH at this stage I think I’d rather small, dog-sized direwolves than no direwolves at all.

    69. I really love all of Tyrion and Jon’s interactions. I hope they meet again in Season 7.

    70. "A bastard boy with nothing to inherit…" And look at Jon now.

    71. Tyrion is so skeptical about anything mythical at this stage. I can’t wait to see his face when he sees an actual White Walker. That’s got to happen.

    72. Jon is so defensive about the Night’s Watch. From day one, all he wanted to do was protect the realm.

    73. Robb is already stepping into Ned’s shoes. Poor bb Robb.

    74. "Rickon needs you. He's 6… He follows me around all day, clutching my leg, crying." POOR BB RICKON.

    75. Shiiiit I forgot Catelyn almost got her throat slit here. AND SHE STOPPED IT WITH HER BLOODY BARE HANDS IN ORDER TO PROTECT BRAN.

    76. What a contrast to when she surrenders and looks almost relieved to have her throat slit by the Freys. Because she has no hope of protecting her children anymore.

    77. There goes another piece of my heart.



    79. Another thing that really, really hurts, knowing what’s to come.

    80. Goddammit this show.

    81. Irri! I forgot about her. I was so sad when she died.

    82. Not bloody Doreah though, that traitor.

    83. Catelyn going into the tower to investigate Bran’s fall and just happening upon a long, blonde hair is so convenient.

    84. CSI: WINTERFELL. *Dun. Dun dun.*

    85. Theon pledging to stand behind Robb if a war comes makes me so mad, given what he does later.

    86. He more than paid for his crimes though. :(

    87. Catelyn says she prayed for Bran for more than a month. Time really does pass quicker than the viewer perceives it.

    88. Now it’s Cat’s turn to say goodbye to Bran forever. SOB.

    89. It’s pretty crazy that Bran woke up and more than half his family were suddenly gone, a lot of them never to be seen again.


    90. Doreah asking Dany if she’s a slave, and Dany’s denial, informs so much of her future arc.

    91. Drogo really is beautiful. Especially his butt.

    92. I wish these scenes weren’t so fucking rapey.

    93. I do like Dany gaining some of her power back here, though. And she gets to stay fully clothed while doing it.

    94. I never noticed Sansa checking out the southern ladies doing their hair before. It’s pretty significant considering how Sansa’s hair comes to represent her allegiances and place in the game.

    95. We have her first encounter with the Hound AND Ilyn Payne. They both seem so menacing. But one we will come to love and the other we will hate forever.

    96. Where is Ilyn Payne these days? I hope Arya gets to cross him off her list.

    97. Joffrey is actually really nice to Sansa here. You can’t blame the poor girl for being taken in.

    98. LADY. What a good little direwolf. Sob.

    99. Arya is practicing her swordplay, just as Jon told her to.

    100. And Joffrey shows up to spoil everything. What a pest.

    101. Poor Mycah.

    102. Here for Arya hitting Joffrey. He gets hit a lot in this episode. It’s great.


    104. Now Joffrey is being a rat to Sansa. It’s all downhill from here.

    105. Arya sending Nymeria away is so, so heartbreaking. I really hope these two reunite, too.

    106. Ned being a concerned father and comforting Arya is giving me so much life.


    107. Poor Sansa, it’s a horrible position for her to be in here.

    108. Bloody Cersei. It’s HER fault Lady died.

    109. "Get her a dog, she'll be happier for it." Well, Sansa does find a hound or two that come in handy later on.

    110. But Sansa crying over Lady is so upsetting. Same, Sansa. Same.

    111. "The wolf is of the north. She deserves better than a butcher.” THEY ALL DESERVED BETTER.

    112. The Hound killing Mycah made me dislike him for so long. How things change.

    113. Oh Lady. So beautiful. So trusting.

    114. Ned scratching her behind the ears before he has to kill her is making me cry a lot.

    115. Still one of the most upsetting deaths on Game of Thrones, ever, tbh. Our first direwolf loss of too fucking many.

    116. The only thing that makes me feel better is the knowledge that Sophie Turner adopted the dog who played Lady. They’re still together IRL.

    117. Summer sensing Bran is about to wake reminds me of Ghost knowing that Jon would wake up, which funnily enough happened at the end of Episode 2, Season 6.

    118. OK this was a great episode. It set up SO MUCH. It's amazing to look back on.

    119. Next week: Season 1, Episode 3, “Lord Snow.” JOIN ME. You know, if you want.

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