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10 Australian Celebrities Do Their Best Alf Stewart Impressions

Flaming Galahs!

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BuzzFeed Oz was joined by Vine star Jacko Brazier for the 2015 TV Week Logie Awards, so naturally we enlisted him to help us get celebrities to do Alf Stewart impressions.

BuzzFeed Australia

Because Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) is ICONIC and is the main reason Home and Away was inducted into the Hall of Fame this year lbr.

(Look how excited we were to meet him because FLAMING GALAHS IT'S ALF STEWART).

1. Megan Gale's impression was flawless, naturally.

2. Karl Stefanovic brought Ailsa into it.

3. Osher G├╝nsberg channeled Alf's anger beautifully.

4. AFL legend Shane Crawford was pretty much spot on.

5. Marc Fennell kinda got Alf confused with Russell Crowe.

6. Waleed Aly knew his galahs from his drongos.

7. Fellow Summer Bay icon Ada Nicodemou delivered this classic line.

8. While Lincoln Younes made Alf kinda... sexy?

9. And Lynne McGranger had a whole spiel down.

10. But nothing beat the man himself, despite his decidedly un-Alf Stewart impression.

Here's to Alf, a flamin' hero.

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