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    27 Of The Greatest Dad Texts Of All Time

    Only one thing can make a dad joke better: delivering it in text form.

    1. This ~with-it~ dad:

    2. And this one:

    3. This excited tablet owner:

    4. This chicken fan:

    5. This Trumped-up dog:

    6. This ~bad~ cop:

    7. This confused googler:

    8. This mysterious message:

    9. This dad vs mum:

    10. This news update:

    11. This ultimate dad joke:

    12. And this one:

    13. This very busy dad:

    14. And this impatient one:

    15. This catch-up:

    16. This existential question:

    17. And this important one:

    18. This completely clueless question:

    19. And this curious one:

    20. This helpful reminder:

    21. This thoughtful text:

    22. This first text:

    23. This voice-to-text fail:

    24. This flawless observation:

    25. This booyah:

    26. This powerless dad:

    27. And this on-point emoji use:


    Two photos that originally appeared in this post have been replaced due to content removal.

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