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    17 Fairy Bread-Inspired Recipes That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

    This is what magic is made of.

    Fairy bread: as Australian as Vegemite and so much sweeter.

    Flickr: penguincakes / Creative Commons

    Of course, you can never go wrong with the classic fairy bread recipe of white bread + plenty of butter + sprinkles. But if you want to take your love of this childhood delight to the next level, try one of these...

    1. Fairy Bread Cake

    Now THAT is a party. Recipe here.

    2. Fairy Bread Strawberries

    The Americans call these "Fourth of July" strawberries but we know better. Recipe here.

    3. Fairy Bread Pizza

    4. Giant Fairy Bread Cake

    Flickr: stephcookie / Creative Commons / Via

    This is thing of beauty. Recipe here.

    5. Fairy Bread Biscuits

    Flickr: stephcookie / Via

    Combining two of Australia's favourite things. Recipe here.

    6. Chocolate Fairy Bread Hearts

    7. Vegan Fairy Bread No Bake Cake

    8. Strawberry Fairy Bread

    Strawberry butter must be what heaven tastes like. Recipe here.

    9. Fairy Bread Wands

    10. French Fairy Bread

    A slight twist, but a good one. Recipe here.

    11. Fairy Bread Cake

    Literally a cake made out of fairy bread. Recipe here.

    12. Friendship Fairy Bread

    Get in my belly. Recipe here.

    13. Alternative Fairy Bread

    Does this still count as fairy bread? Either way it looks delicious. Recipe here.

    14. Funfetti Skillet Cookie

    15. Fairy Bread Macarons

    16. Fairy Bread Party Cake