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27 Things You Only Understand If You're In A Group Chat

When you don't check it for half an hour and come back to 197 new messages.

1. The loneliness of something you said being "seen by everyone" but receiving zero replies.

2. And the humiliation of no one acknowledging your contribution to the conversation.

3. The anticipation when you say something on point.

4. The elation when you do actually get responses.

5. And then exhaustion when they just don't stop.

6. The exasperation of trying to nail down plans with so many people at once.

7. And the intense FOMO when the group organises to hang out IRL and you can't make it.

8. The joy you get from coming up with the perfect group name - and then the anger when someone else changes it.

9. The weirdness of having a separate chat with just one person from the group.

10. And the guilty pleasure of creating a new group chat minus that one annoying person.

11. The strangeness of being added to a group chat that's already been going for awhile.

12. The frustration when you've got shit to do but apparently no one else does and you have to try to catch up.

13. And the anxiety when you've secretly had chat on mute and someone asks you about something that happened in there.

14. The discomfort you feel when some people in the group have zero boundaries.

15. Especially if those people happen to be related to you.

16. The ~drama~ when you've got some big news and you can't wait to tell the group.

17. And the tension when shit is getting real between others and you just sit back and watch it all go down.

18. The awkwardness when someone says something weird or stupid and kills the whole conversation.

19. The horror when you're in the middle of an important conversation and your signal drops out and you know the group won't wait for you.

20. The confusion when you want to reply to a particular message but the conversation has moved on.

21. The satisfaction of creating your own inside jokes.

22. Except when you're the victim of a group-wide roast.

23. The resentment that boils up when you're an unwilling participant in a group message.

24. And the extreme irritation of being repeatedly looped in when you just want to leave.

25. The exhilaration of finally getting out of the group.

26. And the desperation when you regret everything and want back in.

27. Because as annoying as it can be at times, you're comforted knowing you've got the perfect squad you can chat to at any time.