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What The Dress Colour You See Says About You

A highly scientific* analysis. *Not scientific at all.

You've seen the dress. You've ended friendships. You've found out what science has to say. But here's what it REALLY says about you...

(According to three BuzzFeed Australia writers who are making this shit up because WHAT DOES LIFE EVEN MEAN ANYMORE WE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN???!?!?!??!!)

If you see blue and black:

Jenna: You see things for what they are. You're not easily deceived and haven't got time for bullshit. You're no-nonsense and probably smarter than everyone else, lbr.

Stephanie: You're a big fan of: 1) being right, 2) the Backstreet Boys, 3) being in the company of the greats, i.e., Mindy Kaling, Tinashe, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and a gazillion other people who are correct.

Brad: If you see blue and black you are, on top of being a genius, also correct. You are to the point, stoic, and understanding. You have no time for the frivolous nature of "gold and white" lovers. The world is a real place, and you see things the way they *really* are.

If you see white and gold:

Jenna: You're imaginative and creative. You're not bound by "reality" and know there's more to things than meets the eye.

Stephanie: You believe it's true, but you are probably tripping balls.

Brad: You're wrong about a lot of things, but your headstrong nature sees you often convince people otherwise. For you, it's all about attitude.

If you see blue and gold:

Jenna: IDK WTF is wrong with you? You should probably see a doctor about that.

Stephanie: This is a glamorous colour combination, and that is your approach to life. You see things the way you want to and that's A-OK.

Brad: You like to take the good with the good, and won't take bad news for an answer. You spend your days with a smile on your face. You're definitely a *morning person*.

Paramount / Via Brad Esposito / BuzzFeed

If you see blue and bronze:

Jenna: You're a natural diplomat, and try to see both sides of a problem before making a decision. In other words, you're a fence-sitter.

Stephanie: TBH, you're probably right and you understand the difference between gold and bronze, which is a virtue. You also know that this dress wouldn't even make bronze in the fashion Olympics, because it sucks.

Brad: You take your time with things. Often, you'll stare at a tree for hours on end, just thinking about its point in the universe. Is it a tree? What makes it a tree? If you stop calling it a tree, is it still a tree?

If you see white and black:

Jenna: You're a dog.

Stephanie: Get off Instagram for two seconds and look at an unfiltered version of the dress pls.

Brad: You're wrong. Just wrong. And you should go see a doctor.

If you see blue and brown:

Jenna: You like eating ice cream and being sad.

Stephanie: You're incorrect. Seek help XOXO.

Brad: Congratulations, you're sad. Cheer up a little bit, because blue and brown is a colour combo that has worked literally three times.

If you see white and brown:

Jenna: You're a dog.

Stephanie: Sorry about your life choices that have led you to this point.

Brad: You grew up reading comic books, pondering the world, and wishing you had superpowers. You don't have superpowers.


If you have seen it change colours:

Jenna: The dress put a spell on you and now it owns your soul.

Stephanie: If it changed colours, you legit just need to get your eyes tested. Colours don't change.

Brad: You're not afraid to experiment and try new things.

If you saw literally any other combination:

Jenna: You just had to be different, didn't you?!?!

Stephanie: You're a loner who sees the world in a different light than everyone else. This is probably because you're wearing '90s colour-tinted lenses or something.

Brad: You're one of "those" people that just *has* to be different.