I Ranked The 27 Dresses From "27 Dresses" And Am 100% Right

    This is the definitive, 100% accurate ranking.

    27 Dresses is, without a doubt, one of the best rom-coms to emerge from the late 2000s.

    27 Dresses poster; Katherine Heigl poses in a strapless dress with illustrated text written over it

    27. The Bo Peep dress:

    26. The green '80s number:

    Jane wears a green 80s style dress with dark gloves

    25. The olive dress:

    24. The pink peplum:

    23. The pale-pink ball gown:

    Jane wears a strapless pale pink ballgown

    22. The ultimate bridesmaid dress:

    Jane wears a grayish-blue dress with a collar

    21. The blue lacy dress:

    Jane wears an ankle length blue dress with lace overlay on the bodice

    20. The mint bolero look:

    A shot of a digital camera with a picture of Jane on the screen wearing a long strapless mint green dress with a matching bolero

    19. The pink '80s number:

    Jane wears a pink off-the-shoulder drop waist pink '80s style dress

    18. The yellow outfit:

    17. The blue bustle:

    16. The lacy look:

    A shot of a digital camera with a picture of Jane on the screen wearing awhite dress with a lacy top half and a mint green ribbon and matching hat

    15. The Barbie dress:

    14. The cowgirl fit:

    13. The short strapless blue dress:

    Jane wears a short strapless blue dress with a ruffled bottom

    12. The dress-and-hat combo:

    A shot of a digital camera with a picture of Jane wearing a long spaghetti strap dress and a matching hat

    11. The pink-and-yellow fluff ball:

    Jane wears a  strapless embroidered pink dresses with yellow and pink layers of tulle at the bottom

    10. The Goth look:

    Jane stands between two women wearing a spiky choker and holding flowers

    9. The pink sweetheart dress:

    Jane lifts up the hem of a pink dress with a sweetheart neckline

    8. The scuba glam:

    7. The kimono:

    6. The whimsical peach:

    5. The top hat dress:

    Jane high-kicks in front of a bed wearing a pink knee-length dress and holding a top hat

    4. The suit:

    Jane wears a suit and stands in front of a bed

    3. The empire waist dress:

    2. The sari:

    Jane poses in a sari

    1. The wedding dress:

    Obviously this ranking is correct, but if you feel like telling me I'm wrong (I'm not) — how would you rank Jane's dresses?