50 Dreamy Wedding Dresses You’ll Fall In Love With

You’ll want them even if you’re not getting married. And they’re all available online.

Note: All prices in $AUD.

1. “Emme” Vintage Lace Dress

Soft and sweet. $995 from Grace Loves Lace.

2. “Beth” Vintage Dress

Anne of Green Gables wedding, anyone? $900 from Maggie May.

3. “Loren” Silk Chiffon Dress

Sheer class. $1,200 from Grace Loves Lace.

4. “Edie” Vintage Dress

’70s prettiness that still looks amazing today. $1,000 from Maggie May.

5. “Clare” Capped Sleeve Dress

Look like a mermaid princess. $1,050 from Grace Loves Lace.

6. Ivory Lace Layered Dress

Olde world beauty. $1,007.58 from Suzanna M Designs.

7. Ruffled Chiffon Dress

A waterfall of prettiness. $1,343.28 from Love, Maureen Patricia.

8. “Frida” Vintage Dress

100% cotton lace, 100% beautiful. $1,000 from Maggie May.

9. Rosie Bodice with Grecian Godette Skirt

Gorgeous for a garden wedding. $999.95 from The Babushka Ballerina.

10. “Ardelis” Ivory Gown

Layers of loveliness. $1,370.76 from Leanimal.

11. “Vida” Dress

Beautiful for a beach wedding. $900 from Grace Loves Lace.

12. Ballerina Babydoll Gown

Floaty and feminine. $630.55 from White Romance.

13. ’70s-Inspired Dress

Vintage style in a new form. $706.06 from Suzanna M Designs.

14. Cendrillon Cotton Tulle Dress

A magical merging of modern and vintage style. $904.70 from Holly Stalder.

15. “Luce” Dress

Oh hey, ballerina bride! $500 from Love Found True.

16. “In the Month of July” Gown

Completely romantic. $1,014.78 from White Romance.

17. “Indiana Gold” Dress

Fit for a goddess. $1,100 from Grace Loves Lace.

18. “Lipsy” VIP Dress

The label might say “party” but you can make the dress say “marry me”. $386.15 from Asos.

19. “Begonia II” Dress

As gorgeous as a flower. $1,425.57 from The Flower Bride.

21. “Love Story” Dress

Beautiful draping in all the right places. $932.12 from Claire La Faye.

22. Notte by Marchesa Gown

You don’t have to wear white to be a dreamy bride. $1,868.79 from Net-A-Porter.

23. “Queen for a Day” Gown

When else do you have the chance to wear so much tulle? $2,193.22 from Claire La Faye.

24. “Verona” Dress

Lace meets Hollywood glamour. $1,096.61 from The Flower Bride.

25. “Sherry Darling” Dress

Tea-length and ladylike. $849.87 from The Peppermint Pretty.

26. “Nora” Lace Dress

Retro romance. $784.08 from Daughters of Simone.

27. “Isabella” Gown

Mr Darcy not included. $2,169.10 from Rebecca Schoneveld.

28. “Delicate Dots” Dress

Whimsical and girlie. $904.70 from Holly Stalder.

29. “Before Sunrise” Gown

Pretty in pink. $2,193.22 from Claire La Faye.

30. “Le Nouveau” Gown

Old-fashioned elegance with a modern twist. $1,184.34 from Katie Jean.

31. “Gardenia” Dress

Ideal for a springtime event. $1,206.27 from The Flower Bride.

32. Deco-Inspired Gown

Stand out in mint. $2,149.36 from Ouma.

33. “Vanille” Tulle Dress

Shine bright like a diamond. $1,801.52 from Atelier De Couture.

34. “Alice” Silk Chiffon Gown

Love the touch of ruffles. $1,809.41 from Leanimal.

35. “Dreams Do Come True” Dress

Sequins AND tulle, yes please. $986.95 from Ouma.

36. Vintage-Inspired Gown

It’s all about the details. $1,096.61 from Motil Fine Design.

37. “Julian” Wedding Gown

Easy elegance. $1,973.90 from Love By Isha.

39. Shine Lace Dress

Look at that lace! $1,242.42 from Atelier De Couture.

40. “Blushing in Pink” Gown

A dream in blush. $1,074.68 from Ouma.

41. “Charleston” Dress

Distinctive and stylish. $219.32 from Alena Fede.

42. Chiffon and Lace Dress

Airy and elegant. $965.02 from Mari Style Couture.

43. Smoked Peach Gown

Old Hollywood star quality. $2,192.13 from Ting Bridal.

44. “Elise” Dress

A style you won’t see everywhere else. $1,151.44 from Carousel Fashion.

45. “Alva” Beaded Gown

Grey has never looked so good. $1,743.61 from Pantora Bridal.

46. Two-Piece Dress

Customise in your colour of choice. $1,644.92 from Glory by Jeannie Lee.

47. “Willow” Crochet Dress

Hippie chic. $1,765.54 from Daughters of Simone.

48. “Maisie” Vintage Dress

Just a little bit daring. $800 from Maggie May.

50. “Duchess” Gown

Low-key and lovely. $657.97 from Melissa Rene Price.

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