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Douglas The Wombat Really Loves Belly Rubs And It Is Adorable

He's just like a puppy! A fat, hairy puppy.

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This is Douglas the Wombat.

Andreas Jakwerth / Via

He really likes belly rubs.

Andreas Jakwerth / Via

Back in 2009, Austrian photographer Andreas Jakwerth was holidaying in the Tallangatta Valley in Victoria, Australia, when he met Douglas.

Andreas Jakwerth / Via

Douglas lived with the family Jakwerth was staying with.

Andreas Jakwerth / Via

It was love at first belly rub.

Andreas Jakwerth / Via

Jakwerth says, "Douglas was a baby back then, that's why he was so affectionate. He wouldn't leave our side, always begging (and biting) for more hugs and belly-rubs."

Andreas Jakwerth / Via




Watch Douglas in action!

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