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This Twitter Account Hilariously Captions Old Paintings And It's Brilliant

When the olden days meet pop culture, magic happens.

WTF Renaissance is a delightful Twitter account that gives insight into what the people in old paintings might have been thinking.

Michael had specifically asked for a jacket with button detail.

...if they didn't live in the Renaissance, of course.

On behalf of the band, Pam had to break the news to Sarah that she was the 'Ringo'.

Like the awkwardness of showing up to a party in the same outfit as someone else...

Next time we're invited to a party, we meet up beforehand to discuss what hats we're all wearing. I'm so embarrassed

Or dem fangirl feels.

Monica just couldn't see how Katniss would ever be able to choose between Peeta and Gale.

The minefield of friendship etiquette...

Pam's friends had noticed the trail of toilet paper stuck to her arse crack, but were too embarrassed to tell her.

And the importance of breast checks.

Rochelle was dedicated to breast checks, but her insistence on intense and unflinching eye contact was unnerving.

The true suffering of an Etsy boyfriend...

As Francis patiently modeled for his girlfriend's Etsy store, he reminisced fondly about his bachelor days.

And the risks of Craigslist.

Valerie had enthusiastically responded to the Craigslist ad, but now wondered whether this modeling job was legit

And, well...

...then I bark like a dog and you hit me with it again. $250?

Pray as she might, Isabelle's child remained a mermaid. She would always regret getting drunk and shagging that fish.

Viola kept a comprehensive diary of every man she had ever been with.

Can anyone else see that? This some good shit, Dwayne.

When Evelyn had prayed to meet a boy with ringlets and a six-pack, this wasn't what she envisaged.

The adults tried to intervene, but hyped up on birthday cake, Rupert wrestled his siblings like a child possessed

Even in its earliest incarnation, Batman's costume attracted a lot of criticism regarding the ears.

You can follow WTF Renaissance on Twitter here, and they're also on Tumblr and Facebook.