29 Dogs Who Understand The Struggle Of Resting Bitchface

They got 99 problems and resting bitchface is one.

1. “I’m happy. Really, I am.”

2. “This is just my face.”

3. “No, really, THIS IS MY FACE.”

4. “What do you mean, what’s wrong?”

5. “There is literally nothing wrong.”

6. “Seriously, I’m actually kind of happy right now.”

7. “The only thing that’s wrong is that you keep ASKING ME WHAT’S WRONG.”

8. “I AM FINE OK.”

9. “YOU’RE the one with the problem here.”

10. “This. Is. Just. My. Face.”

11. “I AM having fun.”

12. “For real, I’m having a really great time.”

13. “I am smiling on the inside.”


15. “Of course I have a sense of humour.”

Flickr: adamj4282 / Creative Commons

16. “I love to laugh.”

Flickr: theresab / Creative Commons

17. “Say something funny, and maybe I’ll laugh.”

Flickr: hand-nor-glove / Creative Common

18. “No, I’m not sick.”

Flickr: amatuer_44060 / Creative Commons

19. “No, I’m not sad either.”

Flickr: 86381159@N00 / Creative Commons

20. “thisisjustmyfacethisisjustmyfacethisisjustmyface”

Flickr: jayallen / Creative Commons

21. “Oh, you’re surprised I’m not a bitch? How delightful.”

22. “Listen, I can’t help it if I look this way.”

Flickr: 47642109@N04 / Creative Commons

23. “Honestly. What’s wrong with my face?”

Flickr: chevyloubear / Creative Commons

24. “Tell me to smile again.”

25. “Go on, I dare you.”

26. “Tell me to smile one more effing time.”

27. “I’ll show YOU my effing bitchface.”


29. “Sigh.”

Flickr: chagood / Creative Commons

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Jenna Guillaume is Editor-at-Large for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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