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For Everyone Who Was In Love With Dimitri From "Anastasia"

Move over, Disney princes.

Look, Disney has made some damn fine princes in their time.

But it's time we talk about the most underrated* Disney prince of all time: Dimitri from Anastasia.

Sure he may not be as perfect-looking as some of those Disney fancy boys, but that's all part of his appeal.

Look at that floppy hair! Those dreamy eyes! If you aren't at least a little bit in love with him, you mustn't have actually seen the movie.

Let's not forget that Dimitri is voiced by John Freaking Cusack. A good 90% of John Cusack's appeal is his voice, and he injects 100% of that into Dimtiri.

He may start out as a (charming, adorable) con artist...

...but he ends up a (charming, adorable) hero.

Actually, come to think of it, he really STARTS out as a hero too.

He would literally die for Anya.

When he realises who she is, he puts his own desire and love for her aside so she can have what he thinks is her best chance at happiness.

But of course he comes back for her when she needs him.

In fact, he's always there for her.

And comforts her in all kinds of situations.

Not to mention the way he looks at her is 😍 😍 😍.

The romantic tension between the two of them is so damn good.

Even (especially) when they both try to deny and ignore it.

Because while Dimitri might be a total smart-arse...

...deep down he's a a gooey romantic.

The scene where he dances with Anya is totally swoonworthy.

And their almost-kisses are basically better than actual kisses.

At least until you see their actual kisses.

In summary: Dimitri is a total dreamboat.

And if you disagree, you're wrong.