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    Updated on 12 Jul 2018. Posted on 12 Jul 2018

    We Ranked Shapes Flavours, From "Ew" To "Whoops I Just Ate The Whole Pack"

    Pizza, Barbecue, and Nacho Cheese, oh my...

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    Here at BuzzFeed Australia, we have some pretty passionate opinions about Shapes. So we decided, in the interests of science*, to rank them once and for all. Here they are, from worst to best...

    *eating a lot of shapes.

    7. Savoury

    @ezmort / Via

    Isha: Does anyone even buy Savoury shapes??? 1/10

    Michelle: I’m good luv, enjoy. 1/10.

    Jemima: Who? 0/10

    Sohan: Sorry, I don’t know her. 0/10

    Jenna: That’s not a real flavour, Arnott’s. 1/10

    Tastiness: 0.6/10

    6. Cheese & Bacon

    @barbiebieberandbeyond / Via

    Isha: They remind me of cheese and bacon rolls from Baker's Delight, which are delicious AF. I rate these highly. 7/10

    Michelle: Mmmm, I’m gonna be real with you. These just taste like salty crackers. I’ll still eat them, don’t get it twisted. 4/10.

    Jemima: As a kid these were one of my faves, but I think I may have OD’d on them, because now I find them kinda repulsive. They have a chemical-y taste to them, and they smell like trash. 0/10

    Sohan: These are those Shapes where you’ll start eating them, think to yourself, “hmm, these taste kinda funky,” and before you know it… you’ve finished the box. And you feel slightly sick. 5/10

    Jenna: Would I eat them if I was starving? Like, literally starving? I mean, maybe. But that’s about the only situation where these are okay. 2/10

    Tastiness: 3.6/10

    5. Cheddar

    @katietkat / Via

    Isha: I will hear no arguments against Cheddar. She is solid, delicious, and goes very well with dip. 7/10

    Michelle: If I had a choice between Cheddar Shapes and Cheds or a Country Cheese, you can bet the Shapes are staying right on the table. 3/10.

    Jemima: I love a Cheddar Shape, but the cheese flavour can be a little much sometimes. Not bad, but not great. 6/10

    Sohan: Just give me actual cheese instead, thanks. 4/10

    Jenna: Cheese is my favourite food group. But I’d much rather consume it ON my crackers than in them. 4/10

    Tastiness: 4.8/10

    4. Barbecue

    @jade_dowles / Via

    Isha: Barbecue is okay. Like it's not good, and it's not bad, it's just coasting through the middle, ya know? You reach for it when there's nothing else there that you really want. 5/10

    Michelle: Meh. Barbecue is… just fine. Like, I wouldn’t say no if you offered me one but I also wouldn’t pay for a pack with my own money. 5/10.

    Jemima: I hate Barbecue Shapes, sorry. I can have like two and then the flavour is too much. It feels like the crowd-pleaser flavour that everyone can agree is FINE, but in reality no one actually likes. 2/10

    Sohan: Barbecue is not bad, but it’s overrated AF. Why is it always served up at the party table? I don’t know, because it’s kinda spicy trash. I’ll eat it anyway. 6/10

    Jenna: I like Barbecue a lot! Is it the best? No. But it’s good. 8/10

    Tastiness: 5.2/10

    3. Nacho Cheese

    @charlo_nzer / Via

    Isha: FUCK ME UPPPPPP! There's something about Nacho Cheese Shapes that are SO addictive. One minute you're opening a fresh box, and the next you're polishing off those glorious cheesy crumbs left at the bottom. 11/10

    Michelle: Wait. What’s the difference Cheddar and Nacho Cheese? I don’t know which I’ve eaten now. Well because I don’t know, she gets the same rating. 3/10.

    Jemima: Nacho Cheese Shapes are the best Shapes of them all. I think the very three-dimensional flavouring definitely helps. I have no idea what nacho cheese is supposed to taste like, but I fuckin' love it. 10/10

    Sohan: I don’t know why, but when you put “nacho” in front of “cheese” when referring to a flavour of chips, it just makes it better. 6/10

    Jenna: Okay I know I side-eyed Cheddar, but I agree with Sohan. Adding a “nacho” to it makes it tastier. Don’t question it. It’s just true. 6/10

    Tastiness: 7.2/10

    2. Chicken Crimpy

    @oukilani / Via

    Isha: EVERYONE loves a good Chicken Crimpy, and you're lying to yourself if you don't. The best part is licking that bomb flavouring off the Shapes. *Drools.* 10/10

    Michelle: The superior Shape. Although there is no “flavour you can see”, which is the most important part to a good Shape, the flavour is just too good. Plus they look like lil’ clouds. Honestly, 11/10.

    Jemima: Fuck me uppppppp I love a Chicken Crimpy. They’re my favourite flavour, BUT I find that I can’t really eat more than 10 at a time, because then it gets too much. 9/10

    Sohan: Yeah look, these are underrated AF. I can say that because I’ve only had them like, twice in my life… but they taste soooooo damn good. 8/10

    Jenna: Chicken Crimpies teach the important lesson that appearances can be deceptive. I mean, they look bland AF, but they totally pack a flavour punch. 7/10

    Tastiness: 9/10

    1. Pizza

    @feltkimono / Via

    Isha: Look, we all know Pizza Shapes are hands down one of the best. The flavour would ALWAYS run out first when your mum picked up those lunchbox-sized assorted Shapes for school. 9/10

    Michelle: Pizza Shapes are the best Shapes with that thicccccc flavour on top. BUT only the old, original Pizza. Sticking your finger down a pack of finished Pizza Shapes is truly like ecstacy. 10/10.

    Jemima: Pizza Shapes are really fucking good. If I was going to buy a box for myself, I’d never choose Pizza, but if you’re throwing a party then it’s the logical choice. The seasoning on these bad boys is top-notch, especially when you get one with heaps of the yellow chunks. 8/10

    Sohan: There is no competition: Pizza Shapes reign supreme. End of story. 10/10

    Jenna: The King of Shapes. Bow down. 10/10

    Tastiness: 9.4/10

    Did we get it right? Let us know in the comments!