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    23 Hot Guys In The Kitchen Where They Goddamn Belong

    Make me a sandwich bro.

    1. Hey guy, it's so nice of you to make me dinner.

    2. And you did all the housework, too?

    3. Really, you shouldn't have.

    4. I mean, you SHOULD have, because you're better at it.

    5. You know, being a man at all. Guys are just better at things in the home.

    6. How do you manage work AND home life?

    7. Is it really possible for a man to have it all?

    8. It doesn't seem like it. How can one man possibly juggle work AND family and whatever else they try to do?

    9. Like, what about when you get married?

    10. You'll want to be a good husband. You have to think about how that will affect your career.

    11. I mean, are you going to change your name?

    12. And when will you have kids?

    13. You don't want to leave it too long. That biological clock is ticking.

    14. And you might not want to work after you have kids.

    15. Men are just naturally more nurturing, you know.

    16. The most important job you could ever have is to be a dad.

    17. But you've also got to think about what all that time off will do to your career.

    18. It's riskier to hire men with kids than it is to just hire a woman.

    19. Hey, don't get all pissy about it.

    20. I'm just stating the facts. It's biology.

    21. Men and women are just built differently.

    22. Oh my god, is it that time of the month?

    23. It's not my fault you belong in the kitchen.

    Photos via the Hot Dudes in the Kitchen Instagram.

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