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17 Everyday Things That Are Really Hard To Do In Winter

Can we all just agree to stay in bed until it's over?

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2. Getting out of the shower.


You finally work up the nerve to get out of bed because a hot shower stands as a beacon of hope and heat. You get in and the water warms your bones. And then, what, you're supposed to get out and be all naked and wet and let the cold air freeze your nipples off? WHYYYYY?!

6. Getting public transport.


One hint of bad weather and the train is 10 minutes late. And everyone loses their shit. AND everyone is sick and coughing all over you. This must be what hell is like.

10. Not getting sick.


You're not eating great or exercising and everyone is cramming in to small spaces together with no fresh air because it's COLD and basically it's a breeding ground for germs. Like those nasties are doing the nasty all over your face. Why do you think your nose is so runny?

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