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    Updated on 30 Jul 2018. Posted on 29 Jul 2018

    Chrissy Teigen Made Fun Of Instagram Models And NGL, I Laughed

    Reigning queen of Twitter.

    Let's cut straight to the chase. Here's a really funny tweet Chrissy Teigen shared today.

    i have been training. to be an Instagram fitness model. this is after one bag of tea and 5 reps of 2 squats !!!! If I can do it so Can U!!!!

    It's gold, right? The replies are pretty funny too.

    And before you comment, "BuzzFeed did you really need to do a whole post about one tweet from Chrissy Teigen", the answer is no, probably not! But you read it anyway, didn't you?


    I'm just trying to spread the joy, guys.

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