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    Posted on 11 Jan 2018

    Chris Hemsworth And Margot Robbie Competing To Be Best Australian Is So Damn Funny

    Let's face it, they're both pretty great. And by great, I mean hot.

    Chris Hemsworth and Margot Robbie recently appeared on The Ellen Show, so naturally Ellen made them fight it out (mentally, not physically) for the title of Best Australian.

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    They were wearing kangaroo onesies and giant boxing gloves, ie the uniform of all Australian schoolchildren.

    Ellen asked some tough questions, like which Aussie show Margot starred in with Chris' brother Liam.

    Chris almost fumbled, but in the end he got it right.

    (This is what Margot and Liam looked like on said show, btw.)


    Ellen also asked them to identify these two.

    Who are apparently meant to be wax figures of Liam and Chris?!

    Chris didn't seem too impressed.

    The hardest question of all was one I don't think I could possibly answer myself: Liam or Chris?

    Both Chris and Margot chose Liam (the answer is clearly CHRIS, come on guys... oh guess I CAN answer the question).

    But Chris won in the end, and got a jar of Vegemite as his prize.

    Which he then shared with Margot, because it's the Australian way.

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