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    Chris Hemsworth Is In The New "Crocodile Dundee" Movie, So I Guess I'll Actually Watch It Now

    This is really happening. Maybe.

    Remember Crocodile Dundee?


    Of course you do. For better or worse, it's defined Australian culture to the rest of the world for decades (definitely for worse).

    Ever found yourself thinking, "fair dinkum, I wish they'd make more Crocodile Dundee movies!"?


    Me either, but apparently someone somewhere did, because it seems there is a new Crocodile Dundee movie happening! Starring Danny McBride and Chris Hemsworth! Here's the teaser:

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    According to the official synopsis, Danny McBride is playing Mick Dundee's American son, who goes in search of his missing father in Outback Australia.

    Chris Hemsworth, meanwhile, is playing the son of Walter Reilly, the tour operator from the original movie. It seems Wally Jr has inherited his father's business, and has to help Dundee Jr navigate the Outback.


    So this is a thing that's happening, I guess?

    OR IS IT?! There are already conspiracy theories bouncing around Twitter that it's not a real movie.

    @JennaGuillaume I guarantee you it's gonna be a goddamn superbowl ad or a new Australian tourism campaign.

    no IMDb page, but a trailer, image, and sponsored hashtag #dundeemovie ... maybe it’s a bit?!

    What are the chances that #DundeeMovie is just a fancy lead up to an Outback Steakhouse Superbowl spot? I'm going w…

    Of course the #dundeemovie trailer is a spoof for a bigger project. The obvious giveaway is that everyone knows Mic…

    More evidence that the #DundeeMovie is fake. No one associated with the film: cast, crew, production, or financier…

    I guess we'll have to wait and see.

    Whatever form it takes, here's hoping there's a scene where Chris Hemsworth has to ~cool down~ like Hugh Jackman in Australia.


    Because face it, that's what the people really want to see!