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29 Times Chris Hemsworth Had The Best Damn Social Media In 2017

When he worked out shirtless and killed us all.

1. When he shared his new boy band album cover.

2. When he wished Taika Waititi a happy birthday with this photo.

3. And shared THIS photo for Robert Downey Jr's birthday.

4. When he shared his workout routine and nearly killed us all.

5. When he had some superhero bonding time with his kid.

6. And revealed how his biggest little fans supported at home.

7. When he casually hung out on a boat looking too good for this world.

8. When he just wanted to show off his wife.

9. Over and over again.

10. And shared this cute photo of the two of them.

11. When he had a little play on set.

12. When he just ~hung around~.


13. When he agreed with Gal Gadot that Wonder Woman would kick Thor's butt in a fight.

14. When he had some quiet time with his kids.

15. And his wife.

16. When he and Elsa were actual couple goals.

17. And so were he and Taika.

18. When he gave his stunt double a lovely shout-out.

19. When he described this moment as "the best day" of his life.

20. When he loved Australia more than anyone else.

21. And shared this early-morning shot.

22. When he highlighted his surfing skills.

23. And his, er, Spanish skills.

24. When he gave this photo the perfect caption.

25. When he revealed who really came up with the best line in Thor: Ragnarok.

27. When he shared this cute pic of his twins.

28. And this adorable throwback in honour of his mum.

29. And when he gave some love to one of the other Chrises.

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