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    16 "Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina" Questions That Will Haunt Me Forever

    I still want more of this show.

    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has sadly come to an end after four seasons — but we still have a bunch of burning questions. Warning: spoilers ahead!

    Sabrina's hair blows back from her face

    1. Why did Prudence disguise herself as Penelope Blossom when she was hunting Blackwood in Part 3?

    Prudence disguised as Penelope Blossom, wearing a blouse a hat

    It seemed significant at the time, and it never went anywhere.

    2. Will Lucas Hunt show up on Riverdale?

    Lucas Hunt sitting with his hands clasped in front of him

    He showed up on CAOS for one episode and ran off to Riverdale after the supernatural hijinks freaked him out. Does that mean we'll see him with Archie and the gang?

    3. Speaking of Riverdale, will some of the CAOS characters crop up on the show now?

    Betty stands behind Jughead in a bunker; they both have their arms crossed
    Dean Buscher / ©The CW / Courtesy Everett Collection

    The planned crossover was canceled along with CAOS, but the Sabrina characters could surely still show up in Riverdale...maybe even as regular fixtures?

    4. By the way, what was the deal with the plot inconsistencies between Riverdale and CAOS?

    Ben Button stands in a doorway in a pizza delivery uniform

    For instance, we saw Ben Button seemingly die on both shows. Was there something magical happening? Are the shows in fact set in alternate universes? If so, does the alternate universe Riverdale feature magic too?

    5. Where will witchcraft lead Roz?

    Roz stands in a dark cloak

    At the last moment, we learn Roz isn't a "cunning" mortal, but in fact a witch. Will she attend the Academy, and leave her Baxter High life behind? Will she stick with the Weird Sisters? We need more Roz!

    6. Will Robin really stay with Theo?

    Robin and Theo look at each other affectionately

    The show made a big deal about Robin needing to return to his own realm, only for him to immediately change his mind. But the problem of him losing his powers was never really solved.

    7. What's the deal with the Trinket Man?

    The Trinket Man holds open his box of trinkets

    He just showed up with his box full of some of the most powerful objects on Earth and dramatically altered the course of the narrative...and then just disappeared? WHO WAS HE?!?! Some fans have speculated he's God. We need answers!

    8. What really happened with Sabrina's parents?

    Edward tries to attack Sabrina

    There are still SO MANY questions surrounding Sabrina's conception and Diana and Edward's deaths (how much did each of them know? Who exactly was involved in their deaths?!). The undead version of Edward showing up and trying to kill Sabrina wasn't a very satisfactory way to leave that particular plot point.

    9. What the hell happened to Baby Adam?!

    A baby wrapped in cloth

    At first it seemed like Lilith was just fooling Lucifer about Adam's death, but then it turned out Adam was really dead. Or was he?! Lilith was hell-bent (heh) on saving him, why would she suddenly kill him? How was there not another way to keep him from Lucifer?

    10. What happened to Judith and Judas?

    Judith and Judas wear old-fashioned clothes and stand in a doll's house

    Their characters didn't really do anything — to be honest I might have blinked and missed their fate.

    11. Why did Sabrina Morningstar, who was "our" Sabrina until the end of Part 3, decide it was a good idea to marry Caliban?

    Sabrina and Caliban stare at each other
    Diyah Pera/Netflix

    It was completely inconsistent with everything her character had said and done before. Being Queen of Hell also seemed a bit out of character, but this was even more of a stretch — she may have fallen for Caliban, sure, but why would she marry him?!

    12. Who is ruling Hell now?

    Lilith stands next to Lucifer sitting on his throne

    It seemed like Lilith would likely rule at the end of Part 4, but what about Caliban? He was determined to take power for himself.

    13. Why didn't they just bury Sabrina in the Cain pit and resurrect her?

    Zelda, Hilda, Ambrose, and Nick stand over Sabrina's body

    It doesn't really make sense these powerful witches who have literally brought back the dead on multiple occasions would just...accept Sabrina's death like that (twice!).

    14. What exactly is the Sweet Hereafter?

    Sabrina wears white and looks confused

    It's not Heaven (apparently?) or Hell, and it looks an awful lot like the void. Is it actually an afterlife, or is Sabrina in the void again somehow? Is she not really dead?

    15. If it IS an afterlife — why is Sabrina there alone (until Nick shows up)?

    The two Sabrinas look at each other

    At the very least, what happened to Sabrina Morningstar?

    16. And, finally, what's the deal with Nick's death?

    Sabrina and Nick staring lovingly at each other

    Did CAOS really have such a major character die offscreen? And did he deliberately go to Hell and go swimming in the Sea of Sorrows in order to die? And how did he end up in the Sweet Hereafter? HOW DOES ANY OF THIS MAKE SENSE?!

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